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Episode 271: Christian Taylor – 2X Olympic Champion, 4X World Champion, President of the Athletics Association

Christian Taylor is a Triple Jumper! He is a 2xOlympic Champion, 4xWorld Champion, 7x Diamond League Champion.

Most recently Christian founded the Athletics Association, “An independent body that will protect and advance the future of Athletics by unifying and defending the voice of elite Track and Field athletes worldwide – ensuring that they are at the heart of the decision-making process.”

In this episode we learn about the Athletics Association, Christian’s career, his work as a Classroom Champion mentor, his faith and his engagement to hurdler, Beate Schrott.

Christian was so kind to stay on for an extra 15 minutes for our patreon supporters! If you enjoy this episode and want more- you can find extra over on patreon when you support at the $5 level!

What we talked about:


5:30- Why he is currently in Austria

8:50- How to keep supporting Black Lives Matter

12:20- What the Athletics Association is

13:50- Why he decided to start the Athletics Association

19:00-What the Diamond League is and how athletes are being affected by events being cut

24:10- What Rule 40 and Rule 50 are and how athletes are limited in sponsorship during the Olympics and not being allowed to protest at the Olympics from these rulings

31:45-Emotions during the 2016 Olympics compared to the 2012 Olympics

36:30- The pressure of being an athlete that is top in the world

38:00- Racing the 100m this year

40:00- The difference in mentality while competing in the 100m compared to the triple jump.

41:55- How he got started in the triple jump

43:00- What the triple jump is

44:00- The story of him switching jumping legs

48:20- His family

49:20- Choosing to go to the University of Florida

55:15- His work as a mentor for Classroom Champions

1:00:15- His faith and the role it plays in his life

1:05:00- His wedding plans and the relationship with his fiancé

1:10:50- How he and his fiancé met

1:11:50- End of the podcast questions

Show Notes: 

Athletics Association

Classroom Champions

5 Love Languages

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