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Episode 255: Gary Cantrell – aka “Lazarus Lake”

Gary Cantrell; aka “Lazarus Lake” joins me on the podcast today! He is the legendary race director for the Barkley Marathons! You may have seen the popular documentary on Netflix about Barkley! He is also the Race Director for Bigs Backyard Ultra, The Barkley Fall Classic, The Last Annual Vol State, Strollin Jim, A Race for the Ages and currently is directing his first virtual race – The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee.

Laz has been running ultra races before most of us even knew what ultra running was. He is known for his unique and eclectic race challenges and distances.

One of my favorite things about Laz is that he always encourages athletes to explore their potential and push their limits. You’ll never know what your limits are until you try something crazy.

Photo Cred: Keith Dunn

Show Notes: 

Barkley Marathons Documentary

Meet Lazarus Lake – Outside Magazine

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee

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