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Episode 223: Natasha Wodak

Natasha Wodak just broke the Canadian Half Marathon record at the Houston Half Marathon in a time of 69:39. This is the second time Natasha has been on the podcast so make sure you head back to episode 55 when I first got to know her!

She is a 2016 Olympian in the 10,000 meter and along with now holding the Canadian record in the Half Marathon, she also holds the 10,000 meter with a time of 31:41. Natasha is a 2019 Pan Am Champion and a 17 time National team member.

In this episode Natasha shares with us what she’s been up to over these last three years, we talk about her working with a new coach and some things she has dialed in on in workouts to work on a fast close in a race. It was my pleasure to talk with Natasha- she is full of energy and positivity radiates from her – you will hear that in the conversation.

Photo: CBC Sports (Marcos Brindicci/LIMA2019)

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