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Episode 212: Chris McDougall

Chris McDougall is the author of the wildly popular book “Born to Run.” He most recently released the book “Running with Sherman” and is making the book tour rounds. (I have read both and they are both wonderful!) Running with Sherman is the story of a donkey that his family rescued from an animal hoarder and nursed back to health – eventually even training for the burro racing championships in Colorado. 

Chris was trained as a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press, covering wars in Rwanda and Angola before writing Born to Run, which was an international best seller. He is also the author of the book “Natural Born Hero’s” AND a little secret he lets us in on in this interview is there’s another book too… that most of us don’t know about.

Chris is married to his wife Mika (who also trained for the Burro racing championships!) and has two daughters. They live way out in the country surrounded by an incredible Amish community and enjoy that quieter, slower life. I was fascinated about that part of the book- hearing all about their everyday life out in the country.

Chris was so fun to talk to. I really didn’t know what to totally expect and he was one of the most authentic and easiest people I’ve ever talked with. I even got a lot of great parenting advice from him toward the end of the conversation, which felt serendipitous considering I just posted a full on parenting episode over on my other podcast “The Illuminate Podcast“. The positive parenting people want to help me! 🙂

Photo Cred: Chris McDougall Website

Show Notes: 

Born to Run – Chris McDougall

Natural Born Heroes – Chris McDougall

Running with Sherman – Chris McDougall

Brain on Fire – Susannah Cahalan

The Great Pretender – Susannah Cahalan

The Wave – Susan Casey

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