Episode 141: Roberta Groner


Roberta Groner is a 2:30 marathoner, full-time nurse and mother of three boys. She recently ran a half marathon at the Philly Rock’n’Roll half marathon running a time of 1:12:20, finishing third behind Des Linden and Kellyn Taylor. She took a huge break from running toward the end of college and then after 10 years, when her youngest son was two, decided she wanted to do something for herself. So she started running again. She ran her first marathon in Chicago just 7 years ago in a time of 3:12 to debut. She’s been chasing down faster times ever since.

Now a masters runner, at the age of 40, Roberta is still competing at the highest level with the open field and is putting no limits on herself. Since our interview she announced she is running the NYC Marathon – put this inspiring woman on your list of people to follow and cheer for!


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  7. Justyna

    Another awesome podcast Lindsey 🤩
    I’m way behind with listening your podcast 😳 but since I’m injure and spenting some time on the bike 😒 its giving me a chance to catching up and I am enjoying every minute of listening 😁
    Each podcast feel so special, unique 😍
    Thank you for doing such a great job! 🥰🤗

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