Episode 136: Allie Kieffer

Allie Kieffer joins me for a third time on the show today. Make sure you check out her first two episodes on the show (episode 89 and 104). You likely remember that Allie placed 5th at the NYC Marathon in 2017 and everyone is excited to hear that she’s coming back for 2018. Allie runs for Oiselle, she recently placed 4th at the Peachtree Road Race 10K Championships. Allie holds a 2:29 marathon PR and has big dreams of being on the podium this fall in NYC. Can’t wait to see what she does!


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NYRR Run for the Future Program


I’ll Have Another Episode 89: Allie Kieffer

I’ll Have Another Episode 104: Allie Kieffer

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  1. Monte Comeau

    I am so happy I found your Podcast! It is the perfect length for my commutes to and from from work.

    I would love to subscribe to your show notes my email list.

    I do have a question regarding your last show with Allie Kieffer. She says that e need carbs immediately after our runs…and the protein shakes can wait until later which is kind of the opposite of what I have been reading. I understand as she explains that muscle fibres continue to deteriorate until food supply is replenished but isn’t protein the best option for doing this?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great Podcasting, you are easy on the ears with great guests!

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