Episode 123: Tim & Kirstin Ritchie

Kirstin and Tim Ritchie join me today on the show. Kirstin just completed Nursing school become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, is a sub 3 hour marathoner and was a pole vaulter turned distance runner when she walked on to the Bucknell Track team in college. Kristin coaches with Mary Johnson at Lift Run Perform.

Tim runs for the Saucony Freedom Track Club, and is a 2:11 marathoner, which took him to break the tape at the California International Marathon in 2017. He holds a half marathon PR of 61:23. He ran for Boston College and recently took a job coaching at the University of Massachusetts and also coaches with McKirdy Trained. In this episode Tim talks to us about his experience in Boston this year running in the elite field and having to drop from the race at mile 19 due to hypothermia. He has big plans for the 2020 trials.

I had fun learning about their careers and goals and of course how they met! I hope you guys love my conversation with these two.

Show Notes: 

Saucony Freedom Track Club

Lift Run Perform

McKirdy Trained

Linden & True Coffee

Endure – Alex Hutchinson

Let Your Mind Run – Deena Kastor

Mistborn Trilogy

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

What is the Bible – Rob Bell

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  1. nicole yosmali

    Dear Lindsey,
    As many have already expressed to you, I also enjoy your weekly interviews. i am from lexington, ky, not too far away. I wonder how you juggle all your family and pursuits too-wow. I ran x/c-track at furman university in greenville,sc. I was exploring my beliefs my senior year and also read mere christianity, as you mentioned in the Ritchie podcast. I have pasted the following you tube excerpt. I wanted to send it to you because this guy is popular and does some well done explanations on the reliability of the bible. I hope you will enjoy, when you are not too tired.

    I continue to enjoy running, especially as a way to talk to think out life and the simple joy of being able. I love to race but the pursuit isn’t free anymore as in college:) some time ago.


  2. Nancy Cook

    I loved listening to this podcast with Tim and Kirstin — 2 great runners, great story, great drive and competitive runners keeping it real. Thank you for your podcast series as a real down to earth way to meet these great runners and hear their stories.

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