Podcast Episode 101: Rachel Stratton Mills

We’ve got a Swim Coach on the show this week! Rachel Stratton-Mills joins me today to tell us about all things swimming. As a runner who has turned to swimming many times, I had so many questions!

Rachel is a swim coach at ASU and swam collegiately at UCLA. In 2015, Rachel and her husband Glenn, along with their 18 month old daughter took an RV trip around the country touring different swim programs for the entire year. This was a complete lifestyle change for them – they moved from their apartment in Manhattan and left their jobs for a new adventure. They built their entire trip around visiting different swim teams across the country where they learned from each program and worked with their swimmers. It’s pretty cool to hear how they handled the year!

I also had some fun listeners questions at the end of the show that Rachel answers and she shares with us her favorite most recent book that I can’t wait to read.


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  1. Tina

    Looking forward to hearing this swim podcast. I am runner that had never learned to swim until recently. My kids have been in swim lessons and I finally decided it is time for me too. As an adult, I can tell you it’s a bit more complicated to learn but I can tell you, it’s possible. I love how each lesson makes me feel a bit more confident. Love listening to your podcasts and I love your sense of sassy mom humor.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      THANK YOU so much! And apologies for my poor audio quality on this one! I had struggles with my mic but hopefully it was still enjoyable! Rachel’s advice and story was so great! Thanks so much for listening!!!

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  3. Bridget

    Hey Lindsey! I am a fellow Bloomington native that lives in Louisville now. I have been enjoying your podcasts so much! As a runner with one 70.3 under my belt, I loved this interview with Rachel! I picked up some swim motivation and tips that make me want to set some new goals. So great and positive! Keep them coming and thanks for the treat of her story.

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