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Episode 158: Carly Gill

Carly Gill put a big goal out there to the World when she went to run CIM a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to qualify for the Olympic Trials. She went out and raced with her heart and PR’d by 2 minutes running a 2:47 marathon. This was only her 5th marathon and she gave it her all.  She’s had a significant progression since her first marathon which she ran in 3:21 just a few years ago.

Carly didn’t get serious about running until recently and quickly realized she could run pretty fast. She runs and lives in NYC and ran her first sub 3 hour marathon on the streets of NYC back in 2016. She then went on to run Berlin in 2017, clocking a 2:49- a time she didn’t even realize was in her wheelhouse at the time.

In this episode of the podcast, Carly shares with us about her life growing up and then when she started running more seriously in the recent year. We hear a lot about her marathon progression, training and what it’s like to put yourself out there with a big goal and even when you come up a tad short, you can and should be proud of what you did. Carly wanted that trials time at CIM and though that didn’t happen- she walked away with a big 2 min PR and the knowledge that she hit her goal pace for 23 miles. What does that tell her? That with some more training and perfecting her craft, she will sure as heck hit that pace for 26.2 miles in the near future.

I had a follow up conversation with her coach Mario Fraoili after I talked with Carly and he gave me the inside scoop on what it’s like to coach an athlete like Carly and what he believes will help her meet her goals! You can find our conversation over on my patreon page – it is available to all supporters over there!

Photo Cred: Jody Bailey

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