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Episode 156: CIM Champion Emma Bates

CIM Champion Emma Bates joins me today on the show! She debuted the marathon in 2:28 to take the win in California on Sunday. If you hadn’t hear of Emma before Sunday- you have now and you better put her on your radar for female runners doing big things! Emma is currently not a sponsored athlete and actually works as a nanny part time on top of running 100+ mile weeks. Just last year in fact she was working at both Whole Foods and as a Nanny while she trained and ran a half marathon PR of 71 minutes. You may have noticed her jersey said she was running for Camp Fire Relief- and you’ll learn all about that in this episode.

Emma lives in Idaho with her fiance who is also her coach and trains with him (he’s a sub 4 minute miler!) and she occasionally trains with a few other athletes he coaches as well. They are passionate about growing the running community in Idaho and have proven they have a smart method for training. Emma is excited to run in the 2020 trials and it’s clear she will use her platform to make waves for something more meaningful than just running itself.

Enjoy my conversation with Emma!

Photo Cred: Mitchell Flippin

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