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150: NYC Marathon Recap with Carrie Tollefson & Interview with Champion Mary Keitany

Carrie Tollefson and I talk all things TCS NYC Marathon in this episode and then I wrap it up with a conversation with the 2018 NYC Marathon Champion Mary Kietany.

Carrie is an Olympian, and you can find her now doing the broadcast for major marathons, podcasting and being the mom to three young kids. I’ve gotten to know her through my podcasting work and am so thankful to have a friend like Carrie. She really knows what she’s talking about in the sport and it was so fun to hear her thoughts on the marathon this year.

Mary Kietany is one of the best marathoners of all time. She finished the NYC Marathon on Sunday in a time of 2:22:48- closing the second half in 1:06:58. She has a PR of 2:17:01 in the marathon and just won her fourth NYC Marathon. She is also a three-time London Marathon Champion. Mary is not only an accomplished marathoner- she holds a  half marathon PR is 1:04:55. Mary is from Kenya and is the mother of two. If anyone is going to grab Paula Radcliffe’s Marathon World Record – Mary is the one to do it. In August 2018 she was honored by the Shoe4Africa foundation and she opened the Mary Keitany Shoe4Africa school in Torokwonin, Baringo County, Kenya.

Note: The audio on the Mary part of this episode is a bit off because I had to use a recording app I am not used to and I am a bit muffled for that reason. Apologies in advance!

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