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Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2017

Happy 2018! I’m so happy we are halfway through January. I seriously hate wishing away any moment in life and am mad at myself for even saying it but I can’t wait until we get through the winter. Hauling kids around in the winter and trying to avoid everyone getting sick left and right is really just blah. I always say, if Glenn got a job somewhere warm, I would ask no questions, just start packing bags. 🙂

I wanted to write a post about some of my favorite conversations from 2017. It will be fun to look back on and I’d also love to know what some of YOUR favorite conversations were.

It’s really hard for me to choose my top five,  but I went ahead and picked 5 of my favorites. There are others that are right up there with these for different reasons, but I wanted to go ahead and give you my top five. I’ll also share with you the top 5 most downloaded episodes of the year. I’d like to think that if I had released the live show on my regular feed that it’d be right up there too but who knows!

My Top 5 Conversations of 2017:

  1. Episode 88: Deena Kastor
  2. Episode 97: Des Linden
  3. Samantha Smith
  4. Episode 60: Peter Dunn
  5. Episode 92: Donna Deegan

And a quick note on each of these.

Deena Kastor: Deena is one of the greatest American Distance Runners of all time. She holds the American Record in the Marathon and so many other distances. There is so much wisdom in this episode. She is not only passionate about the sport of running but life in general. She talks about living purposefully in everything she does and gives some amazing advice. This is the most downloaded episode of the podcast ever.

Favorite line from the conversation: “Define Yourself.”

Des Linden: This is a runner that we all want to get to know and be friends with. She is one of the most consistent American Marathoners of our generation. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and happily admits that making sure she gets enough food is a big priority when it comes to nutrition in training and if that means the option is a donut, she eats a donut. That’s just one little piece of why we all love her so much. She is fierce AND she’s running Boston 2018. Watch out!

Favorite line from the conversation: “I think we’re stronger than we think. You just have to keep asking yourself. am I doing everything and maybe that give yourself a minute. for this minute I’m going to do everything I can. Focus on that small manageable block of time.”

Samantha Smith: Samantha is one of a kind. This episode is emotional and raw. Samantha lost her husband, Andrew Smith 2 years ago to cancer at a very young age and we sit down and talk about… basically everything. I was so honored to sit at her kitchen table and hear about her life. She is simply the best.

Favorite line from the conversation: “Be Strong and Courageous. That has been something I have had to choose to do because there are certain days I don’t feel like being strong and I don’t feel like being courageous but knowing that’s what’s commanded of me and that’s ultimately what’s going to lead me to a more fulfilling life.”

Peter Dunn: Pete is a creative financial mind – local to the Indy area but known around the country. He is the author of ten books and writes for USA TODAY and the Indy Star. He is also a comic – this episode is very funny and yes, Pete has done his share of running – though he’ll never beat his wife who is super speedy! If you didn’t give this episode a chance because it’s not one of my “normal episodes” – you missed out. Go back and listen to it.

Favorite line from the conversation: “Be honest with yourself. The only lie you tell yourself is you don’t care what people think. Of course you care what people think. When you’re trying to be someone else because of what people think that’s where you get off track.”


Donna Deegan: Donna is a three time breast cancer survivor and the Race Director for the Donna Marathon in Jacksonville Florida. She’s a former news anchor and she is known as the eternal optimist. She worked for that title though through reading books, going to therapy and figuring this thing out.I’m so thankful to know her and can’t wait to meet her in person next month!

Favorite line from the conversation: “Everybody’s gonna die. What are you going to do about living.”

Top 5 Most Downloaded of 2017:

  1. Episode 88: Deena Kastor
  2. Episode 97: Des Linden
  3. Episode 89: Allie Kieffer
  4. Episode 75: Jessica Hofheimer
  5. Episode 65: Janae Baron

I could pick a favorite part of every single conversation (which reminds me, for 2018 maybe I should write down a favorite quote from each one. Because I remember it at the time but there are so many episodes you can’t possibly have them each memorized. What I know for sure (yeah yeah I got that line from Oprah) is that I am grateful for each person who has taken time out of there day to have an hour long (sometimes more!) conversation with me and to each of you who listen.

Ok, so if you HAD to pick – what were your top five favs of the year? Why?

Thanks all for being a part of this with me and listening each week. My heart is so full because of each of you. 

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