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Weekly Run Down + What I’m Loving

My legs were feeling beat up this week. I haven’t done a bit of speed work since Sam Costa. My body was just not wanting it. Coming off some hard running going into the half marathon and then my highest mileage week last week (46 Mi), I needed to chill this week. So I did.


Monday: 5.3 with single stroller 8:53/Mi – with the whole family, Glenn on double. We got caught in the rain big time.

Tuesday: Rest – I hadn’t really planned on resting, but had a podcast interview and Glenn had to work late and he was out running early morning, so my only option really would have been 9pm at the gym. Yeah, no.

Wednesday: 8 Mi Easy 8:45/Mi – Morning monon Solo

Thursday: 3.4 Mi 8:55/Mi + Strength – Evening at the gym on treadmill

Friday: 3.2 Mi 9:15/Mi – Afternoon on the monon solo

Saturday: Rest + Massage

Sunday: 10 Mi, 6 easy,  4 progress: 8:39, 8:23, 8:25, 8:22, 8:19, 8:17, 7:45, 7:33, 7:13, 6:47  – This run felt good. I wasn’t totally planning on doing a progression at the end, but felt good and I hadn’t turned the legs over in awhile, so wanted to see how it felt. I worked pretty hard for that last mile.

I could really tell the massage was helpful. I was a little leary of the massage because I was using a gift card from massage envy my sister had got my for Christmas. I just wasn’t sure if the person they put me with would really understand what I needed done, but he was great and really worked on my IT Band and my achilles.

Total Miles: 30 Mi

My most recent podcast episode with Teal Burrell who went from a 4 hour marathon to an Olympic Qualifying time of 2:42 has me inspired to work hard and chase big dreams. That means working hard, but that also means chilling out when I need to chill out. No injuries please!

What I’m loving right now:

Shoe Dog , Phil Knight – I’m about halfway done and loving this book. It is so interesting to hear how Phil (the creator of Nike) got started. Highly Recommend

GTS Kombucha  – I’ve tried several different brands of kombucha, but this has been my favorite and I’m finally hooked. I’ve tried to get into it a few times and never have until now. I’m hooked. I’m gonna look into making some on my own though because it’s pretty pricey.

The Tim Ferris Show Podcast  – I just love hearing from all the people he interviews. Very entrepreneurial focused, but not all. He is a little cocky but it doesn’t really bother me. One of my favorite episodes of his so far is with comedian Jerrod Carmichael

That’s all I got for you guys. Have a great Sunday- enjoy the week ahead!

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