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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 52: Jody Whipple & Megan Marshall

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 52: Jody Whipple & Megan Marshall

Jody and Megan are co-founders of the F.L.Y Movement (fuel, love, you).  They Provide educational workshops to cultivate safe spaces for athletic teams to discuss body image, sport and performance. Their mission is to create transparency in the way you think and talk about body image and eating disorders in athletics.

Jody is a Registered Dietitian and she owns a practice with her husband, who is a pediatric physical therapist. She was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Newtown CT and Midland, MI.  Her dad was an airline pilot and instilled in her a love of traveling.  Professionally, she know she had a knack for taking risks and thinking outside the box while making flexibility in my schedule a top priority.  This has allowed her to be the best wife, mother and friend she can be, which she considers my most important roles.

Megan grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania with her parents & 3 sisters in an old farmhouse where she lived for 27 years. She picked up running in high school and decided to run competitively at Penn State University, where she got her Bachelors and Masters degrees.  She now works in academic advising at the University and since meeting her husband at a trail running group in 2013, has been there ever since.

Show Notes: 

Embrace Documentary

The F.L.Y. Movement

National Eating Disorder Organization

Ellyn Satter

Run Fast, Eat Slow

Farm to Feet Socks

Sketchers Performance Sneakers

The Wisdom of Menopause – Christiane Northrup, MD

Tools of the Titans – Tim Ferris

Present over Perfect – Shauna Neiquest

Favorite People to Follow on Social Media:

Ellen Degeneres

Kara Goucher

Alysia Montano

Glennon Doyle Melton

Love Warrior – Glenn0n Doyle Melton


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