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When I heard it was going to be 70 degrees on Monday I was plotting and scheming for days to try to get Glenn to take the day off work. He was sick all last week with a fever. (Same fever I had two weeks before) and the week was just Blah.

My Dad recently bought a little cabin out in the Hoosier National and there are awesome trails to run literally right out the front door. So we took the kids down for the day and one of my sisters and her family came out. The kids played all day, we even took them on a little hike- probably about a mile and a half, and they all did great.

My mom agreed to watch our boys so Glenn and I could head out for a run for an hour and it felt so great. The best word I can find to describe running through those woods with no children in site is FREEDOM. I was seriously so happy running on those trails. All day I was riding some high. Can we just all feel like that everyday? We’re hoping to make this a regular thing over the summer.

Straight up huffing and puffing up those hills: 

Picture below taken courtesy of Marshall.  

I had a pretty great week of running and workouts last week. Probably my most solid week since I had Russ. The sinus infection I recently had put me out from doing anything for 10 days. 10 days. Like, what? I finally ended up at the Doctor and had to get an antibiotic to kick it to the curb.

Here’s what last week looked like: 

Monday: 5 Mi Easy outside with friends

Tuesday: 6 Mi Total on TM with 3 X 1 Mi @ 6:45-6:50, quarter mile walk/jog between. Felt strong.

Wednesday: 6.5 Mi Easy on some rolling TM hills

Thursday: 45 Min Spin Class

Friday: 11 Miles Outside (8 easy, 3 @ a tempo effort… which landed me at 8:00, 8:00, 7:40) That effort felt much harder than the times were telling me. What can you do. (Answer is: Keep Working)

Saturday: 1250 swim. (with 5 X 50 meters hard in the middle.) I’m a weenie… I should have done two sets of that.

Sunday: 5.5 miles with the whole family. I pushed Louis in the single stroller

And now Glenn wants me to pick out a race- some 5Ks to test my fitness. Oh man, I’m not sure I’m ready for that. I do think this week I will give myself a trial 5K on my own though. I’m guessing I’ll be able to go out around 7:00 pace and knock it down to 6:40, we’ll see what I can hang on to though. I’ll likely just do it on the treadmill for some speed work this week. I’m guessing it will be tomorrow. I’m still a little sore from the trails and the plyometric lunges I did on Monday. I think we have decided I will focus on running a strong Mini Marathon though. Doubt it will be a PR, but looking for a solid race!

I do know one thing though- I want to race like Shelby Houlihan this year. (Maybe not as fast as her though….) She inspired me a lot on her podcast episode when she talked about being excited to race and rather than being nervous, enjoying the benefits of the hard work she put in all season!


I celebrated my 50th episode of the podcast with a fun giveaway with NOW Foods, Erica Sara Designs & Good Luck Box! Since the rafflecopter giveaway was only allowing me to add entries of people who were on twitter- I added an Instagram piece to it. To make it fair so that every entry was included- I put all of the rafflecopter entries AND all of the IG entries and a spreadsheet and picked it at random.

Who wants to hear who the winner is? 


Jessie B. Runs2Work for winning! I’ll be in touch to hook you up with your goodies!

And THANK YOU Erica Sara Desgins, NOW Foods and Good Luck Box for helping celebrate this milestone with us!

Are you caught up on the latest episode of I’ll Have Another with Carrie Tollefson?

Carrie was so much fun to chat with! Check it out and share it with a friend.

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