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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 49: Amelia Gapin

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 49: Amelia Gapin

Amelia is a marathon runner, she works in NYC as an engineer for Tumblr, and was the first Transgender cover runner for Women’s Running Magazine. She is a Disney lover, an accidental cat person and like me, has a newish found love for the Gilmore Girls.

In this episode, Amelia and I talk about her job at Tumblr and how she taught herself how to code, how her love for running began and her transition and surgery.  Amelia also gives insight on etiquette- what’s ok to say and what might not be ok to say to someone in the Transgender community. We cover everything from hormone replacement therapy to rules in the Olympics for Transgender athletes to her latest adventure completing the Dopey Challenge and qualifying for the Boston Marathon in Chicago last October.

I hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Show Notes: 

Master of Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov

Nevada – Imogen Binnie

The Gilmore Girls

Amelia’s Beer – Six Point Global Warmer

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