I’ll Have Another Episode 16: Michele Gonzalez

I’ll Have Another Episode 16: Michele Gonzalez


Michele is a full time working mom, who puts her whole heart into everything she does. She is an Army Veteran, a runner and one of my good friends. I was so happy to have the hour and a half to catch up and chat.

In this episode, Michele talks about her time at West Point and her three deployments (she seriously blows my mind- amazing, strong woman!). We also talk about her blog NYC Running Mama and transitioning from a stay at home mom to a full time working mom. There’s really so much more though- give the episode a listen and you’ll learn to love her even more than you likely already do.

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  1. I really enjoy this one. First off I love your Indiana accent. 🙂 And I enjoyed hearing michelle talking. I’m a Staten islander too and relate to so much. The commute! Lol. 🙂 Ironically the NYC marathon 2011 when Michelle was running it with the foot locker challenge I was running too. It was my very first marathon but I didnt discover her blog until a year or two later. I discovered your podcast from DizRuns. He had me on his podcast for an episode and then I became a listener. I enjoy the running virtual community so much. Looking forward to your next episode.

  2. Lindsey Hein

    Hey Sally!! Thanks so much for listening! So funny – I love that you love my Indiana accent because I feel like I have no accent at all and that makes me feel proud of being a midwest gal! 🙂 So random that you and Michele both did it that year! I had a lot of fun on DizRuns podcast- I’ll have to make sure I find your episode there and take a listen! Thanks for connecting and thanks for listening- I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed!! 🙂

  3. This was an incredible conversation and insight into the many facets of Michelle’s life. I loved the stories of her time at West Point (and how she ended up there) as well as running in Baghdad and how it felt to come home from her last deployment. All of it was great and made my 8 miles FLY by! Thanks ladies and keep ’em coming Lindsey! Yes, I WILL have another… 🙂

  4. lana

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