I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 001: Laura Anderson

I’ll Have Another- Episode 001: Laura Anderson


Laura is a Marathoner x 13 {PR 2:58} Coffee & Bourbon Drinker and self proclaimed Nerd. 

Laura  joined me for my first episode of I’ll Have Another! She is one of my dear “internet” friends. We met years ago on-line when we were both training for our first half ironman’s and looking to chase down big goals in the marathon.

In this episode Laura and I talk all things running and even a little Ironman chat. We dig into how she got to a place where she broke the 3:00 hr barrier in the marathon and what her training looked like to get there.

Listen to the Episode!

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Below is a picture of Laura and I with friends in Boston in 2014 on our way out to Hopkinton yapping away like teenage girls in the back of the bus. I’m positive that- EVERYONE. HATED. US. We had a blast. 




  1. Jordyn

    I’m so excited that you released your first podcast! I thought it was amazing! Laura is so sweet and she sheds such a positive light on everything. It is my ultimate goal to qualify for Boston. Maybe not soon, because I’m in college (so busy! I love to run, but I slack off). I’ll be running the Flying Pig Half on May 1st. I loved what she said about not letting other parameters dictate your goals. You both are so amazing and inspiring.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Hi Jordyn! Thank you so much for listening- it seriously means a lot to me!! Yeah I haven’t made a lot of noise about “releasing” it yet, because it’s not available on itunes just yet- so this is like the “soft” opening – if you happen to stumble upon it kind of thing!! 🙂 Thank you again for listening and the the other three episodes that I’m launching with will be out soon and everything will be available on itunes and stitcher!

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  4. Hi Lindsey! I just discovered your podcast and I love it! This one with Laura was recommended to me by my friend Laura from This Runner’s Recipes because I recently dropped my mileage down to preserve my body while aiming for a sub-3 marathon, and listening to Laura on your podcast gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. Anyway, I’m hooked on your podcast now!

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