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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 44: Glenn Hein

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 44: Glenn Hein

This is a unique episode. Since it’s Christmas time and my husband Glenn has a good amount of time off work these two weeks, we decided it would be a great time to record an episode with him!

Glenn works in finance at Covance Central Labs during the week and shuts that off the second he gets home and is an amazing Dad to our three boys. He is an athlete, he loves to cook (which we fail to talk about in this episode), one of my favorite things about him is his positive and easy going personality.

In this episode we talk about how we met, which takes up a good part of the first half of the episode. I talk a lot ok? We also talk about how he went from non-runner to marathon runner to taking an hour off his marathon time to completing four Ultras, including a 100K.

We had fun recording, though there were many kid distractions- which I hope didn’t effect the episode too much. Though he’s had the week off, it was kind of a hectic week around here with kids getting sick and running the show. I hope to record more with him in the future- please enjoy and let me know what you think on social media!

You can find me on instagram at LindseyHein626, on twitter @LindseyHein and on Facebook! You can also find Glenn on twitter @ghein83.

Listen to the episode from today NOW!

Show Notes: 

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Glenn’s Top 5 Pearl Jam Songs:


Better Man


Yellow Ledbetter

Hard to Imagine

Glenn’s Top 5 Bands:

Pearl Jam

My Morning Jacket

Sturgil Simpson

The Band



Glenns All Time Favorite Shows:



Breaking Bad

The Wire

Seinfeld (he added this later!)

Glenn’s Podcast Que: 

This American Life



My Favorite Murder

In the Dark

Decoding West World

Lindsey’s Podcast Que: 

The Human Race

Robin Roberts, Everybody’s Got Something

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

She Podcasts

Girl Boss Radio

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

The God Centered Mom Podcast



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