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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 43: Hannah McGoldrick & Ali Nolan

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 43: Hannah McGoldrick & Ali Nolan

What a fun episode. I had a blast talking with Hannah and Ali and actually wanted to catch a flight to Pennsylvania and get a beer with them when we wrapped up. But, the whole three kids hanging on me 23 hours a day prevented that from happening. Hannah and Ali both work for Runners World Magazine and are the faces behind the Super Secret Mystery Meeting.

In this episode we talk about what it’s like to work for Runner’s World and what the ladies are training for this spring. We also talk about Ali’s love for Lil’ Wayne, my love for Tupac and Hannah’s love for the Bachelor. You’ll learn what their favorite most recent books are and who their favorite people to follow on Instagram are.

This was one of the easiest, most natural conversations I’ve had so far- and based on their personalities in the super secret mystery meeting- I knew it would be! Like all of my guests, I’m hoping to be real life friends with these girls.

I hope you love this episode! Make sure you check out last weeks episode with Amanda Brooks if you missed it!

You can listen to today’s show HERE– and it would mean the world to me if you shared it with your friends! And please connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Show Notes: 

Super Secret Mystery Meeting

What’s Really Annoying about Runners Post

Hollie Sick Podcast Episode 17


6 Foot, 7 Foot – Lil’ Wayne

Thug Luv’ Bone Thugs and Harmony with Tupac

Notorious Thugs – The Notorious B.I.G.

Nurse Jackie

The Sopranos 

Nike Shield Jacket

Exo Cricket Bars

Why Not Me – Mindy Kaling

Eileen – Ottesssa Moshfegh

Lot’s of Candles Plenty of Cake – Anna Quindlen

Love Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton

The Runners World Show Podcast

The Human Race Podcast

5 Favorite People to Follow on Social Media:

Hollie – Fueled by LOLZ

Miss Hart

Emily Infeld

Dean the Basset

Heather Irvine

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Runners World on Twitter

Runners World on Instagram

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Super Secret Mystery Meeting on Twitter 

Super Secret Mystery Meeting on Instagram

Super Secret Mystery Meeting on Facebook

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