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I’ll Have Another Episode 31: Jenny Poore

I’ll Have Another Episode 31: Jenny Poore


Jenny is a good friend, who I adore! This conversation was so fun to catch up and learn more about her life. Jenny is a smart runner who doesn’t take it too seriously, but seriously enough that when she trains hard, she kicks serious ass. She has had an incredible marathon progression and is super smart about how she trains.

In this episode we talk about her past marathoning experience and our ideas on what a healthy training balance looks like. We also talk about why Jenny recently made the decision to not run the Chicago Marathon this year, right when she was in the heart of training. I think her reasons will resonate with many of you! We also talk about her super sweet recent engagement and her upcoming wedding. Jenny has some fun suggestions for new shows to watch and books to read.

Show Notes: 

Back on My Feet Indianapolis

Carmel Marathon

Monumental Marathon

Mr. Robot


Brothers and Sisters


This is Us


Foot Finese

Ole Henrickson Face Oil

You’ll Grow Out of it – Jessie Kline

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

The Time Travelers Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

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