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Running Update:

Depending on what’s going on I’m running around 4-5 days a week. Weekday runs are 3-4 miles and I try to do a longer run of 6-10 miles on the weekend still. I did hit 8 miles last Saturday which was the longest I’ve run in a few weeks. I’m hoping for some cooler temps to get a 10 miler in in soon. Part of my wants to try to slowly run Indy Women’s half marathon on September 17th, but that’ll just depend on how I’m feeling and how hot it is.

If it’s too hot and I can’t get to the gym, I just walk. I mean I can always get to the gym, but if I choose to not make that happen. Today I mowed the lawn and plan (plan is a strong word…) to vacuum the whole house, so that will suffice for my workout today.

I run around a 9:45-10:30 min mile pace most of the time but I do get a little bit competitive if I run in an organized race. I keep it real and don’t get too crazy, but will work harder for fun.


Podcast Update: 

I’m having so much fun getting these episodes out for listeners to hear! Each guest has their own unique story and I’m loving learning more about them.

Do you have a suggestion for who you’d like to see on the show? Scroll to the bottom of my podcast tab and fill out the form for guest suggestions!

This is me editing an intro to last weeks episode, with Marshall in the top bunk of his bed taking pictures and stepping in for random cameos in the intro. There were over 1,000 pictures taken on my phone in that 15 minutes and yes you do hear his little voice in the latest episode intro. The scared face is because he told me he was about to throw my phone. Mom probs.


Kid Update:

Marshall started all day pre school at the Butler Lab School this week! It is a pre-k program and we are technically sending him a year early. I plan to send him to this class two years in a row before heading to kindergarten, as he just turned 4 in June. I weighed it out and though I’ve had a little guilt about sending him full days (9am-3:40pm), five days a week, I truly think it’s best for both of us. He is going to learn so much and will have more guided instruction and attention then I will ever give him here at home with Louis and the new baby. This also gives me a solid window of time to work while Louis naps. When Marshall is home, I do work when Louis naps, but it’s a distracted and not more than an hour.

The school is across the stress from our house, so we get to just walk out the front door to go to school and pick up. I can already picture myself years from now looking back at this time. I can’t even think about the fact that it will be Louis in three years. Three years is a long time though, so calm down self.




AND What I’m Loving:

  • My new Lilly Jade multi purpose bag that I pondered over for 8 months.  It’s perfect for diaper bag, work bag, everyday bag. I’m happy with the purchase.



  • Life Cereal… because I’m pregnant and cereal is life when you’re pregnant. 


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode- you won’t want to miss it! 

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