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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 22: Abby Bales

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 22: Abby Bales


Abby is a friend from…. you guessed it, the internet. You people who don’t make friends through twitter and Instagram aren’t doing it right!

She is a mother, a wife and Physical Therapist in NYC. Abby started running at age 10 on the cross country team. She ran all through middle and high school in Chicago and Colorado. She started training for marathons after moving to NYC from Colorado to pursue my first career goal in musical theater as a fun bucket-list thing to do. She has since ran 9 marathons. 

Abby was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a few years ago and since then since then has had a total colectomy (2012), j-pouch take-down (2012), c-section (2014, that’s a lot for one person’s abdomen!) She is very open about her journey and how she handled getting through everything.

Abby’s passion is to educate women on pre/post-partum health, lead the fight against obesity and empower others through fitness, create accessible platform for pre-habilitation/rehabilitation for recreational athletes, own my own PT clinic, and raise healthy and happy children.

She’s been published/Featured: Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Fitness Magazine, Daily Burn, Dance Spirit, US Weekly, Psychology Today, NY Daily News, HX Magazine.

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