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I’ll Have Another: Episode 008: Salty Running

I’ll Have Another Episode 008: Salty Running 


Meet the ladies of Salty Running – Laura (Salty) and Kyle (Cinnamon)

I’ve started following along the Salty Running ladies last year and am good friends with one of their writers (Hi Laura!). Salty Running is all about bringing you great resources and media in women’s running.

Straight from their site:

“You’re more than just a runner, you’re an individual. You have a lot going on in your life, but where running is concerned, you have big dreams and you’re not afraid to give them your best shot. Finishing races is great, but you want to finish faster and faster yet. You’re tired of articles that focus on how you look and what you’re wearing, or that condescend to you. You’re not just tired, you’re damn Salty about it.”

“Good. We like you that way. Come as you are, not who you’re supposed to be. Let’s change the conversation about running. Get Salty. Let it fuel your fire.”

In this episode we talk about how they got started with their website and what their plans for the future are. We talk about starting something you know nothing about and going all in to make it happen. We also talk about Kyle going on the bachelor and what our favorite shows are right now. Scandal anyone?

You’re gonna love these ladies and their spunky attitudes! I encourage you to hop on the Salty Running website and give it a look- and after our conversation and am excited for what they will have in store for all of us in the future as they continue to grow and kick ass.

Show Notes:

Salty Running

Netflix – Sex in the City

Netflix – Scandal

Garmin 230

US Half Marathon Championship Coverage

Where the Road Ends; A Guide to Trail Running – Meghan Hicks

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