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I was getting REALLY good about posting on a more regular basis there for awhile right? Then I got the brilliant idea that I wanted to start a podcast. So the time I would normally spend writing up a quick post has been dedicate to trying to figure out what the hell I’m trying to do. Starting from knowing zero. It’s been quite the process, with a good amount more to do.

My goal launch date for the podcast is April 1st! I plan to have at least 5 episodes released that day. I have four conversations wrapped up and ready to edit with five more lined up. There are times I feel a little overwhelmed, like what am I doing, why?! But, then I have a great interview with someone and enjoy talking to them so much that I remember why. Or I listen to someone else’s podcast that I love and it reminds me why I really want to do it.

As soon as I have the artwork done I will do a name reveal and spill some more details to get the promotion of the show rolling.  My best friend Sarah, who is a very talented graphic designer has agreed to put together the graphic for me… now I just have get a solid picture over to here. Putting make up on and getting all pretty is a lot of work, so I’ve been dragging my feet. Plus, Glenn is going to be so annoyed when I hand him a camera and tell him I need him to take some pictures for me as I awkwardly stand in front of a wall and try to be cute and fun.


With my good friend Leann recording our very first podcast. I’ve listened back to this conversation 5,000 times already while trying to edit it just how I want it. In the process I have botched it up a tiny bit and we are recording one more piece to fix what I deleted… and by that I mean, what I deleted that I didn’t mean to delete. Note to self, always keep the original cut so that nothing is ever gone for good! I’m a rookie.

Leann, you are so patient with me. I can’t wait for you guys to hear my chat with this funny woman. I laughed my way through the editing, and hopefully you will laugh your way through it as well. Either that your you’ll think we are annoying and crazy.


My second conversation was with my good friend Laura. Laura is a badass runner who recently broke 3 hours in the marathon. But we talk about all sorts of stuff. I loved skyping this interview with Laura and she was a great Guinea Pig for me trying to figure out this whole sykpe recording thing. I can’t wait to share this episode with you guys!

A quick update on everything else- the running is going just fine. I have been biking a few times a week and got lazy with swimming the past two weeks. Which I sad about because I can’t wait to review this Finis MP3 Duo. Stay tuned on an update there. I’ve talked a lot about how I wish I had some music or podcasts to listen to for longer swims and this is hopefully going to solve that dilemma!

I gave up on strava for now because I felt like it was one more thing to update in a world of having 5,000 things to update. I know garmin connect automatically sinks it, but the reality is with my new way of training, I am biking and swimming equally as much as running so I am manually having to update a lot and I just want to freaking simplify. I know what I’m doing and the extra step right now makes no sense. I’ll probably get back to it at a different time, but right now this is what I’m doing.

On the home front, we are loving living right next to the Shortridge track! Seriously so amazing. Is it weird that’s one reason I’m glad we decided to sit tight and stay at this house? I feel like the boys are going to remember this as one of their favorite childhood memories going over to the track. For now if it’s just the three of us, I can push Lou around the track for a quick run and Marshall can play while I keep a close enough eye on him. If Glenn comes, he plays with the boys and I run around the track. On a nice day, it’s a win, win for everyone and a nice easy way to get out of the house and do something fun.

 Marshall loves playing in the infield. And he takes his long jump seriously. And I quote “I gotta take my pants off to long jump.” Every jump he goes all the way to the end to get a good long run into the jump.




And I’ll end it with this from the Marshall boy. He said he wanted to help and he’s writing “I Love You.” So there you go everyone. I love you!

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