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New Week!

Our family has been fighting a pesky cold for two weeks now. It all started with Monkey Joe’s and Glenn. I think it will be done soon- it’s run through the whole family. Lou last man to get it.

Saturday, I was up at 4am- I just couldn’t sleep so figured I’d get up and have a good little morning to myself. A little boy had the same idea to get up somewhere around 5:30am, so the quiet time was cut short, but I did get a good amount of reading in. I am determined to get these books read!

I met Ashley and Amy at 9am for a run – longest run post plantar fascia tear… 12 miles! I will say, with a few miles to go- I was READY TO BE DONE. I think the cold was taking me down. We held steady around 8:45-9:00 pace.


This is what the week looked like workout wise: 

Monday: 7 Mi on the monon solo @8:47

Tuesday: 2,100 Swim

Wednesday: 4.5 Mi with 20 min @ tempo. Average 7:47 pace, 20 Min tempo- average around 7:00. + 1 Hr Yoga

Thursday: 6.8 Mi Run solo in Bloomington @ 8:43 + 30 Min easy spin + strength/core

Friday: 35 Min Spin +10 Min Row

Saturday: 12 Monon Miles (8 with Amy and Ashley) @ 8:53

Sunday: Rest & Eat a lot.

Total Run Mileage: Around 30 Mi – for sure the highest since my injury.

I could have used one more swim and goal for this week- get the 1 hr of yoga in again!!

Glenn headed to beerfest with friends on Saturday and Sarah came over to hang out with the boys and I. I was so thankful she came over and her and Marshall and a blast together. Not to mention, I was able to leave the house to pick up Glenn and friends when beerfest was over and pick up a pizza- ALL BY MYSELF. I couldn’t find the passat keys, so I picked up for grown men in a jetta with two car seats in the back. I’m not even sure how they fit or hopefully my car seats aren’t broken.


Yesterday, we celebrated Glenn’s Dad’s 65th birthday. We headed to Crown Point around 11am and were back to Indy at 8pm. A lot of driving in one day, but worth it. I really feel lucky that I married into his family. I think I probably have the best mother and father in law ever. And let me just say I think that was the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had. SUPER SPICY.


Glenn with his three sisters and their parents: 


Dave and Peggy with all the Grandkids. I can’t believe how good everyone sat. I think it’s helpful that Dave is holding both of the little ones. (they are only 3 weeks apart) And they have distractions too- dino for Lou, food for Claire.


I wasn’t even playing with bedtime last night, just let Marshall comes straight to our bed because I wanted to sleep. The balloons are ALWAYS a problem. I hate balloons. No you can’t sleep with the damn balloons.


A new week ahead of us. A blank slate. I won’t lie, I get jealous sometimes a lot of times, when Glenn heads out the door for the day. I get jealous that he gets to be alone in the car for 30 minutes on the way to work. He says it’s still work and not exciting, but I say you’re talking to adults and have the freedom to go to the bathroom by yourself, eat at a slow pace and do everything at your own pace for 9 hours. You aren’t waiting on children for those 9 hours. I certainly don’t want to work 8-5 Monday through Friday, but there are days I’d take it.

Right now though, at 6am on Monday, before the little people are awake, I’m feeling confident that we are going to conquer the day/week and enjoy it. It’s easy to get caught up in the motions and I try hard not to do that. I think everyone has to be intentional about that. Not that I ever dread the day, but to remind myself that I get to do this. I get to be home with my boys and I get to enjoy these weeks. I do think I’ll try to book a babysitter for a few hours one day this week though. It’s all about balance right?!

Speaking of balance. I took a rest day yesterday- I typically choose to rest on on Sundays. I usually wake up around 6am on Sundays, work on coaching for a few hours, make pancakes while Glenn runs or whatever and we go to church. There is usually more coaching to be taken care of later in the day and I just want to chill and enjoy my family. Then there is Monday – I almost never miss a workout on Mondays, because it’s ideal to start the week that way (for me at least), but today, my cold is lingering and I’m not feeling it so much, so I might just observe another day of chillin. We’ll see how the day unfolds. And I don’t care either way.

Have a great Monday people. Be thankful and enjoy that you get to do Monday. 

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