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No Salt N Pepa concert tonight- so there shall be now two-three day recovery period for my 32 year old self.

I got a 2,000 yard swim in this morning- what the what?! I haven’t swam that long since the summer. Had my mind set on 1500, but had no time constraints today, so decided there was no reason I couldn’t hit 2,000. During my time in the pool- the water aerobics group was finishing up a workout- they were so getting down to some jock jams circa 1997, then there was a group of pre school kids in for some swimming- so I was definitely swimming with plenty of pee. Then everyone cleared out, and it was just me and the lifeguard. It’s always weird when it’s just the lifeguard in there. I feel like we should interact a little but don’t want to. So I avoid eye contact and then just say a quick thank you and bye when I head out.

This is what I did to break it up… I was not in the mood to just freestyle for 40 laps:

  • 250 freestyle warm up – arms felt tired. Like the legs on the first 10 minutes of a run. Gots to warm up man.
  • 1 min break
  • 250 freestyle
  • 30 second break
  • 50 kickboard, 100 pull buoy, 50 breast stroke, 50 kick board (250)
  • 250 freestyle
  • 1 minute break
  • 500 freestyle
  • 1 minute break
  • 50 kickboard, 100 pull buoy, 50 breast stroke, 50 kick board (250)
  • 250 freestyle
  • 50 kickboard, 500 pull buoy, 50 breast stroke, 100 free style (250)

Total: 2,000 Yards

I don’t have a set plan for the week yet. Ran for a slowish hour yesterday on the monon. (Glenn owes me that still) but I plan on a run and bike ride tomorrow. Probably 45 minute run + 30 minute bike. Possibly hitting up that 20 minute tempo I missed last week. 20 minutes will soon be 30 and 40.

I claimed it in my post on Friday that I was going to have a good run on Saturday and I did. The boys spent the night at my friend Leann’s, so we had dinner out at Delicia (and were home, in bed by 9pm- the kid fatigue is real). Hello red solo cup. When going out, you won’t find me without a roadie pre dinner, drinks, concert, whatever.


We woke up around 7am on Saturday and hit the road for 10 miles around 9am. We decided to run downtown. Kept it reeled in for the first few miles and went for a slow speed up before we turned to head back. The way down felt all downhill though because we had a tailwind, so the hard work was into a headwind. Splits are here on strava. I was sure that 6:57 was 6:30 effort. I was WORKING.


Meanwhile, while we ran our little hearts out and casually got ready for the day – the boys were straight chillin’ at at Leann’s. We all need a friend like her. Seriously.


I love when we are in town with not a lot of plans for the weekend, but I do get ansy if there aren’t projects or goals of some sort. Glenn hates me a little bit for that. Last weekend was good, because we celebrated Big Lou’s birthday, but this weekend- we had dinner on Friday night, the boys spent the night with Leann and then the second half of the afternoon on Saturday and all day Sunday there wasn’t a ton going on, so we went rug shopping and painted the Fireplace. Fireplace was finished during Lou’s naptime and Marshall was ALL OVER wanting to help.


Ever since we decided to not put the house on the market, I decided I wanted to try to make the house cozy. I love, love, love our house. It is very old (1923) and has been remodeled, but the old house character is still present. But big old houses are cold right? I’m on a mission to warm it up and make it cozy. We have plenty of leftover paint in the basement from the previous owner, so we checked out what was down in the scary basement and found an off-white that would do just fine for the fireplace. It is so refreshing compared to the dark, dingy brown brick we had. I need to find a before picture.


Oh and Marshall got another fresh cut last night. In home service from my good friend and hair sylists Britney! Wait until you see how hip this kid is.


Have a good week friends!!

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