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Crawling Back to Fit

I kind of feel like the road to getting back in shape is creeping real slow. Last week I felt fairly fit and this week I’m feeling fairly unfit. Tired and sluggish. I went out with girlfriends on Tuesday night (Salt N Pepa concert!!) and it’s taken me two days to recover. So, I’m blaming that on 1. Skipping any workouts on Wednesday and 2. Feeling blah on yesterdays run. We seriously had a blast though. I’m so glad I found Team Film a couple of years ago- these are women I just love spending time with and they are the most inclusive fun group. On top of going with the Team Film girls- three of my best friends (completely different group) came too- it was so fun!



On Wednesday I had a meeting in the morning and the boys were at the Y childcare for 3 hours- I could have taken them back to the Y at 4 when their childcare re-opened but, I felt bad because they’d already been there for 3 hours in the morning, but mostly the thought of loading them up in the car in the gross weather had me tired.

I’m always of the mindset- one skipped day, no biggie. I tell people we coach that all the time. Move on to what’s next and forget about it- so long as this isn’t happening all the time. I was also scheduled to do a 20 minute tempo run at some point this week though- hopped on the treadmill yesterday and anything under a 9 minute mile felt like major labor. I texted Glenn 15 minutes in and was like UHHHHHH no way this tempo is happening. He told me to give it a chance that he felt like crap warming up the other day and had an awesome workout. So I opened my mind to the option that that could happen.

About 30 minutes in I sped it up to around 8:15 pace- ran that for about 5 minutes to decide if I could hit it harder for 20 minutes. The outcome of those 5 minutes was- NO. I would have felt out of control running a pace anywhere near what tempo would be and it wasn’t worth it. So I took it right back down to 9:15 pace and read my book and just got the time in. Moral of the story though is don’t let the first 10 minute warm up determine if you’ll have a good workout or not. It’s easy to get your 1 mile or 10 minute or whatever warm up in and then think you have to hop right to the workout. No, no, no- sometimes we need much longer to warm up!

Here’s what my week is looking like:

Monday: Lazy 60 minute bike ride at home on the trainer

Tuesday: 50 Minute Run around 8:40 pace + 6 X 15 sec strides

Wednesday: SLOTH

Thursday: 60 Minute Run around 9:25 pace + 600 Swim (scheduled 1,000 swim, but ran out of childcare time)

Friday: 60 Minute Bike Trainer at home. (I have a Mops (mothers of pre schoolers) this morning and will knock this out when we get home for the afternoon. I wish we had a treadmill set up- we have an older rickety one that we never set up when we moved almost two years ago)

Saturday: 80 Minute Run + 6 X 15 sec strides

Sunday: I need to get my ass to the pool for 1500 or so

Can someone help me make some time for a little yoga?!


I’m feeling like the 80 minutes on Saturday will be a great run, so the whole week won’t be a wipe and ready to have a strong week next week! No Tuesday night concerts planned!

Tonight, my friend Leann is having the boys over for a sleepover! This is unheard of- a non-family member offered to have my kids spend the night- I did not ask, she offered! I told her, I can’t turn it away.  The best part though will be the morning. They are spending the night, but then we can get up at leisure, go for a run together and not worry about taking turns or using the Y childcare. Promise I’ll get them before noon Leann!

Whew, I’m glad it’s Friday- I feel like this is the first full full week Glenn has worked since the holidays. Maybe he worked all week last week, I can’t remember.

By the way- did you catch these treadmill workouts in Women’s Running that Michele, Laura, Jess and I put together?  My workouts is a beginner workout- and the first real workout I did coming back from my Plantar Fascia tear! Good place to start and these ladies contributed some more advanced workouts.

What’s your favorite treadmill workout? I actually like doing speed work on the treadmill and am one of those people that enjoy treadmill running- though I’ll be happy to get back outside more soon- I’ve been a BIG baby with cold weather running this winter. I’m owning that.

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