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In the two hours I have to myself three days a week when Marshall is at school and Lou is napping, I want to do ALL THE THINGS, while also do ALL THE PUTTING MY FEET UP.

A quick rundown- Lou and I take Marshall to school at 9, home by 11 or so, Lou down for nap. I usually make a smoothie, turn the Meredith Viera show on for background noise and get to email returning and planning. Lou will likely be up around 12:45 and we get ready to pick Marshall up at 2:00. In the middle of all this, before Lou gets up, I  of course get distracted. In the last 20 minutes these are the links I’ve opened that have nothing to do with what I’m trying accomplish:

Indy Monthly Article: Of course I have to click on this article about a fixer upper in my neighborhood.

12 Girlfriend Getaways you need to book right now: Don’t need to explain. I couldn’t not click on this.

And then I started browsing the group fitness class schedule on the YMCA website.

If we could just eliminate all the extra link opening, sigh. I like it though. In fact, I’m about to waste approximately 15 more minutes on some websites looking for what rug I’d like to purchase for the living room. Anyone got a suggestion for where I could do that?

I was super sick on Tuesday night, and thankfully Glenn was able to stay home from work and take care of the kids because I was glued to the couch. My week of workouts is kind of all thrown off because I was already feeling wonky after my run on Monday and then the no working out/no eating all day yesterday has me on the mend today. So I ran an easy 30 minutes and called it a day. It’s nice to be in a place where I’m still in a building phase and just now starting to feel back in shape.

Before the stupid sick thing that went down on Tuesday night, I tried out my first Barre class and it was awesome. The stretching was amazing and it was the perfect mix of strength- I mean major hip, core and leg stuff. I so want to commit to this. The gym we tried it at was Liverite Fitness and their prices are really fair compared to others I’ve seen. They have a monthly unlimited for $99 and if you commit to 12 months is $79. If you went 2-3 times a week, it would be way cheaper than any other offer I’ve seen. I think a realistic commitment for me right now though is once a week and I can do that at the Y for less. There are only 7 days in a week man.



That’s that. I’m so happy to be home this weekend with no commitments. We aren’t going anywhere and have NO plans. I’m sure on Saturday afternoon I’ll get ansy and see about doing something.

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