Working on that GOAL

Yesterday I gave myself a goal to post on this blog everyday this week. I think I was drunk because that’s a big goal. I think I can do better at blogging though. A lot of times I’ve rolled my eyes at the “blogger mentality” or whatever you want to call it… because like who cares right? But people do care and it’s fun. Well some people care.  and I enjoy writing. It’s therapeutic for me. So thank you for at least acting interested, because this is cheaper than real therapy. Thank you for following along.

This morning I skipped the gym. My normal routine on Tuesdays and Thursdays is take Marshall to preschool at 9am, drop Lou off at YMCA child watch and either go to a meeting or two and then workout or the other way around. If you do the Y childcare just right you can squeeze in 4 hours. (2 paid – but at $5 an hour, you can’t argue with that.) You get 2 free hours of childcare with your Y membership as long as you are there working out or running on the monon. You only have to pay $5 per kid if you actually need to leave and can use them as a babysitting service. AMAZING. It’s not as amazing if both kids are there since it’s $5 per kid, but still just as good as any babysitting cost. So I take advantage of Marshall being at perschool and utilize the Y for Lou. Strategy. I’ll get a little work done and a workout in in those four hours. Then Lou and I usually have and hour to kill before picking up Marshall.

BUT TODAY. I woke up, hadn’t slept well and JUST WANTED TO BE HOME. So Lou and I came on home. I’ve vacuumed, updated some work related things, passively watched the Today Show, played with my baby, napped my baby, did laundry, thought about prepping something for dinner, thought about making granola (didn’t have rolled oats), reassembled the carseat after washing the cloth part. (took me longer than one would think and I’ve now washed four times between our three car seats in two days) Kids are gross. I also had a phone call about a new video series I’m doing with my friend Chris at Inside Endurance Sports. (more details on that soon). When I have these hours to myself, my mind runs wild on all the things I want to do. All the possibilities of what could happen during that time. And I get nervous, I don’t want to waste one single minute of it. So if I find myself texting or doing anything not satisfying, my mind just thinks about how quickly that darn time is ticking.  (I had Lou, but he was down for an hour and a half and he’s pretty easy… at least he isn’t throwing temper tantrums yet)

After Lou and I picked Marshall up from pre-school, we headed to Annex Broad Ripple and walked to kroger, stared at the ducks and got a snack at Public Greens. (Fried green tomatoes & toast with almond butter, pears and goat cheese and a fancy juice) I need to stop being so obsessed with Public Greens. It’s becoming a habit that is too expensive to be so regular. 🙂 BUT IT’S SOOOO GOOD.






Even though we didn’t get home until 4:30, somehow that last hour of the day was hectic and crazy with Marshall. So when Glenn got home I was out the door to the gym. Went with the intention to swim, but another kid had an accident and the pull was closed. Can we rally for an adult only pool?! So I biked and rowed super slothy like and listened to Runners Connect with Tina.

Marshall just came downstairs and told me he doesn’t know how to fall asleep. Oh I feel you boy. I feel you. I tried to teach him deep breathiing techniques and promised I’d check back in 20 minutes. Oh boy.

Tomorrow we have our 5th week of stroller group I started up at Athletic Annex- and it’s going really well!  We had 10 ladies come out with their kids last week. There were like 20 kids and all were boys but one.  I think this will be our biggest week yet with the weather being so perfect!

If you know any stay at home, work from home or moms with flexible schedules- send them my way. We meet every Wednesday at Athletic Annex Broad Ripple (6528 Cornell Ave.) at 10am. We do a 30 minute run or walk, followed up with Rene’s Bakery goodies, coffee and playtime for the kids. It’s good. Just come.


  1. Tyra

    I love the sound of your stroller running group. There are a few mums and bubs type fitness classes around here, but once the kids become mobile you’re not really welcome anymore. It’s hard to be zen in a yoga class when you spend the whole time chasing after a baby!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Hey! Yes we are having fun with it. I’m sad already thinking about having to shut it down when it’s too cold out! I think we’ll be good through the middle of November at least though! Might be some weeks we have to cancel if it’s super cold or gross out. So far we’ve had kids up to 5 at the meet up. The all run around wild on the front lawn of the store. The meet up is for sure less “workout” focused and more social focused. Nice to still get everyone active for a bit first though! Where do you live?

      1. Tyra

        I live in Brisbane, Australia. Winter here is perfect running weather, it’s already getting a bit too hot for me to take the pram out any later than about 8am!

        I think the group would be the perfect opportunity to meet like minded people, more so than the workout itself! 🙂

  2. Belle

    Ms. Lindsey, I read your posts practically before you write them. I love getting a peak into how the younger generation roll and raise their kids. It makes me happy. Of course, I also like to read about your monster running paces too (it reminds me how relative it all is). So feel free to blog every day this week. It gives me something to do while I eat my breakfast. Love, Belle

    1. Lindsey Hein

      OH man, I just love you Belle!! I’m glad you enjoy and I’m glad we are friends. One day we will meet in real life. I know it.

  3. Beth

    I too enjoy reading your tweets and posts. They always make me laugh or feel a little more normal about trying to balance our crazy life with kids, work and running.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thank you Beth!! I’m so glad. Always hope I don’t come off too crazy myself!! Thank you for reading. What’s your twitter handle? Want to make sure I’m following you back!

      1. Beth

        It’s Bethiejoh … I’m new at the Twitter thing… so new I had to look up my own handle lol. Wow.

        It’s nice to follow other ‘runner moms’ since they are few and far between where we are at.

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