Torn Plantar Fascia

I took a very easy week of running last week since I was fighting a pesky cold. The mileage wasn’t too low but all easy running. A lot of stroller runs.

My plantar  fasciitis had actually been feeling better over the past few days. I have been icing three times a day and keeping up on strength and stretching. My plan has been to be very attentive to it, take a day off when I need to, rearrange plans of long runs, baby it while still running and then take a good break from running after Monumental. I do think that CAN BE an option for some people, but turns out it wasn’t a good option for me. I have extremely high arches. EXTREME. and I’m very prone to PF.

I was itching to do some speed work this week since I took it easy all week last week. Since I took Sunday off, I ran easy on Monday. I usually don’t like to do speed work the day after a rest day. I feel like I need an easy shakeout day first. Based on training timeline, Glenn and I decided I should do a long progression run for my mid week speed work.

The plan was a 12 mile progression and to gradually finish in at 6:30 pace for the last two miles. Since I’m a big baby and don’t like getting up early, I planned on doing the run at 9:30am from the Y after I dropped Marshall off at pre-school, so Lou could go to Y childcare. It was freaking hot on Tuesday and I knew I wouldn’t hit paces outside based on adjust effort in the heat so I decided to do the run on the treadmill. I wanted to run fast. I haven’t done much treadmill running at all lately. Probably 5 runs on the TM in the past two months. I kind of liked the idea of doing this on the treadmill so I went ahead and made that decision.

I wore the Saucony Kinvara’s for the run. I have never tried this shoe and Glenn really likes it so I gave it a shot. I normally run in the guide, which is a light stability shoe, but for this faster run and since I was going to be on the treadmill I felt like I’d be fine in the kinvara. I started out the run and felt great right away. By mile 5 I was near marathon goal pace and felt like I could run that for days. Breathing felt awesome, legs felt awesome, plantar or achilles felt fine. Somewhere during mile 8, something happened. I was at 6:45 pace at this point and I felt it pull.  I couldn’t really put pressure on the middle of my foot. So naturally, like anyone who wants to finish their workout, I kept going and finished the progression at mile 11 and cooled down at mile 12. The entire last four miles I was running basically on the side of my foot. dumb. dumb. dumb. But I wanted to hit those paces. I wanted to know I had that workout in before Indy Women’s. it’s one of those runs you keep in your back pocket on race day and remind yourself how tough you were in the workout. Remind you what you are capable of. Not that it mattered- I should have known right then and there that whatever happened was bad enough that I wouldn’t be racing Indy Women’s in two weeks. I shouldn’t have finished the workout, but either way, the damage was done.

I wasn’t totally sure how bad I injured the foot, but as the day progressed, it became clear as I couldn’t even bare weight on it, that it wasn’t just sore. As the day went on the foot was getting more and more bruised. This makes for an interesting day being home with the boys up and down stairs. Marshall fine- but Louis obviously needs carried everywhere. It reminded me of when I had my mastectomy and tried to care for my 1.5 year old. (this is not nearly as severe as I don’t technically have a weight restriction but it’s just a little difficult). At a moment of frustration though when my foot was throbbing, I stood in the kitchen and thought about people I know who are actually really  sick, caring for  young children and I stood standing thankful that this was just a pesky injury and it’s really not a big deal.

So, I hobbled in to St. Vincent Sports Performance yesterday with both boys in tow. (We were a scene- at one point Marshall was running around with his shirt off and dumbing sand out of his shoes) They X-Rayed it and everything looked fine on the bone. He said I was the poster child for a stress fracture so wanted to check that.They didn’t do an ultra sound because the pressure of it on my foot would be painful so they are going to recheck in two weeks. The doctor thinks I completely tore the plantar fascia, rather than partially. He said that a full tear is actually better for healing rather than if I had partially torn it.

I’m now wondering around with a boot on my foot. Obviously I won’t be running Indy Women’s- which is in two weeks. Monumental is still a maybe, but time and goal adjustments will have to be made. I can still run a strong and smart marathon that I can be proud of.  I know I was prepared for a big and long overdue half PR at Indy Women’s and was well on my way to being prepared for a big PR at Monumental, so I’m a little bummed, but whatever.

There are much worse things in life to be upset about. If you know me, you know I enjoy “required” time off. Post surgery and post babies, I soak up the down time, so that’s what I’m going to do now. I’m probably going to swim a lot to get my fix, but nothing crazy. Looking back, and I say this all the time- I was in the best shape of my life when I trained for the half ironman in 2013 and I had no pesky injuries then. I was running 3-4 times a week and swimming and biking 2-3 times each, so maybe that’s my solution. Living with an ultra guy makes me crave high mileage weeks, but I need to practice what I preach and just because it works for him doesn’t mean it will work for me. Not to mention, he has the most perfect stupid feet I’ve ever seen. The man doesn’t have a callous on his foot and he runs 80 miles a week all the time. That ain’t right.

Want to see a pic of the damage?


Cheers to some downtime and being what I might be known best for at Indy Women’s – a freaking cheerleader. Can’t wait to watch Jana kill it out there!! I’ve been coaching Jana for a year now and have seen her make HUGE strides in her training and am so excited that she is coming to stay with me and race this!



  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your injury. I’m also prone to plantar fasciitis, so I’m neurotic about babying my feet and taking time off (it works for me). Hope it heals quickly and well.

    I know it sucks to have this injury and adjust your expectations, but you’re right, it’s not the end of the world.

    I never understood why it is that men who don’t have the same societal expectations for beauty are the ones blessed with the features (or feetures in this case) we seek. No callous even with all that running! Whenever I get a pedicure, the salon worker shakes her head and mutters, “Runners” under her breath. I also don’t think it’s fair when men have long eyelashes.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thanks Elle! Yes totally not fair about his feet. And about the eye lashes- my son has the most perfect eye lashes ever. I never even noticed them eye lashes before I had him. Thanks for the support!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear Lindsey. I ripped the PF off my metatarsal so I completely understand your pain. I hope it heals quickly and you are right, there are far worse things to be upset with in life.

  3. I am so sorry this happened. Totally sucks 🙁 I can’t imagine how that bruising feels. Hang in there and recover fast!

  4. Belle

    Aww, Lindsey. Sorry to hear about your injury. When you talk about running through the injury to finish the workout, holy, I’ve done that and I know better now too.

    Wishing you speedy recovery, and some awesome down time because down time is really not such a bad thing at all – ha!

    Go Jana!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thanks Belle! Down time I can handle! I wish you could come to the race- let me know if you want to join on a whim- my door is open!!

  5. You’ve managed to scare the crap out of me. I’ve been on the mend from PF and I can totally imagine how that tear must’ve felt as it happened. I hope you heal well!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      If you’re on the mend, just baby the crap out of it- I’m sure you’ll be good! I don’t think this is common! It feels a lot better this morning than it did even yesterday though. I do think it will be a full 4 weeks off though!

  6. Kelly

    Ouch. So sorry to hear. Rest up and you’ll be back at it in no time killing those splits. Hang in there. I know it will be hard!

  7. Dan

    Well crap — that really sucks! Especially so close to a race for which you are well trained. Good choice of beer in the photo of the foot. And I like the photo with Marsh-man next to you with his hands on his hips like he is disgusted this happened too!
    I hope you come back well from your down time and find that the plan that has worked for you in the past does so again.

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thanks Dan! Super bummed, but it’s all good! Yes Marshall is super pissed haha. He’s actually really funny about the boot. “Why you wearing that boot mommy?” ” Can I touch your boo boo?”

  8. So sorry! Like I mentioned on Twitter, I have a friend who did it and yes, it was a faster healing process than a partial (I had that fun little sucker at one point). I’m wishing you very speedy recovery and know that you’ll be good to go before you know it. FYI–you actually just self corrected your PF, so there’s that!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thank you! Went back to Doc yesterday and decided against MRI (so $$ and not totally necessary) so I don’t know if it’s full or partial tear but they told me it would be 6-8 week recovery either way likely. So I’m just wrapping my head around that time frame. Spending lot’s of time making food that isn’t super healthy but tastes really good. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  9. Christina

    Ugh. I had a stress fracture a couple of years back from running with PF (and who knows what else… I thought I was being tough for running in pain so yeah lame) and I was running in Kinvaras when I got the stress fracture (weird). It took forever to heal and still bothers me depending on who knows what… the weather? I am old (41) so maybe it is the weather 😉 I wore a boot like a boss for like 90 days- someone told me I had a little swagger when I walked in that silly boot. Besides that swagger, I was pretty happy to kick that boot to the curb after that much time (pun intended!) It sucked because after the boot, it took me another six months to get back running and even that hurt. Blerg. Anyway, that is my pity party – I hope yours heals quickly!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Christina – oh man that’s intense! I should be sitting here thankful it didn’t turn into a SF! I think I’ll be in the boot for another 6 weeks. It is annoying and clunky. I mostly don’t like wearing it around the house but being on my feet with the boys, I know it’s important to wear it at home. I want slipper and jammies on when I’m home!! 🙂 Hopefully the annoying amount of pain it still causes you sometimes doesn’t hinder your goals too much. Damn runners and our nagging injuries.

  10. Um, ouch! After reading this I’m scared that the tiny twinge I felt in my shin a couple of days ago is going to result in the fascia and muscles being ripped from the bone…

    Heal quickly…and enjoy your time in the pool!

    1. Lindsey Hein

      Thank you Martha! I hope your tiny twinge is nothing major – I’m sure it’s not! Lot’s of strength training will surely help whatever it is right?!

  11. tish

    Lindsey – when I wore kinvara’s they totally messed up my plantar fascitis. I can’t wear them at all and when i stopped my PF healed quickly, i can’t even walk in them they hurt my PF so much. Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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