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I ran 5 miles on Tuesday. Around 8:30 pace. It felt like effort. Then I ran 3.5 miles Wednesday around the same pace and it also felt like effort. I just feel out of shape. To be expected. While I was keeping up with working out while I couldn’t run- I didn’t run for 14 weeks and my cross training was nothing over the top. It was maintenance exercise and for my mental health more than anytime. I think I’ll feel in shape again here in a month. Whateva. Foot straight in the ice bucket and beg Glenn to work on the scar tissue every night. Story of my life. I’ve been fighting some sort of bug, so have taken two days off completely- aside from some serious leaf raking. I plan to run again tomorrow though at the Team Film/Athletic Annex Reindeer Run! (You should come too- it’s at 9am at the Annex Broad Ripple location) I have made a plan to not run more than two days in a row.

I’ve been seriously exhausted from my Austin trip with my friends. I think I’m just now fully recovered. I got home on Sunday and yesterday was the first day I didn’t feel so tired I wanted to cry. You plan a trip to get away for a few days and when you have small children, the ideal way to spend that time would be to relax and get lot’s of sleep. Instead I went out three days in a row and got not much sleep. Since I’m 32 and NOT 22, it was hard. But. Worth it.


We stayed at my friend Leann’s friend from high school’s house. Did you get that? They live in a huge house right off of South Congress in Austin and we stayed in their guest house. They had their annual Christmas party on day two of our trip. It’s a costume party and about 45% of the people who came where actually dressed up. We took it seriously though and dressed up as waitresses and acted like we were hired help for these rich people and their rich friends. I didn’t realize it until the next morning but Vince Young and Regina King were both at the party. I kept looking at Regina King thinking, she looked so familiar, but just thought she had a familiar face. Jerry McGuire anyone?

I had so much fun with this group (Jana you were missed!).  None of us had ever done a big trip together, aside from my best friend Sarah and I but the group just worked. We were all cracking each other up all weekend thinking we were way funnier than we probably actually were. I’m so glad I decided to go on this trip!austin



I’m happy to be home, but man being away from the kids for three days almost makes it harder once you’re back. It’s like the second you walk in the door you’re on and you’re on hard. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. Like I need to say that? Felt like I needed a disclaimer. 🙂

Happy December all! I’m going to write a favorite things post this weekend. Well I’m going to try to, we’ll see. Kids trumph writing a blog post, so we’ll see how everything pans out.

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