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Thanksgiving Style

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! 

We spent the morning at the Drumstick Dash per usual and had a lot of fun. This year the run specialty store I work for, Athletic Annex was a big sponsor of the race, so I spent the day before at the expo and it was fun to be more involved in the race. Steve Kerr, Brian Crispin and the rest of the Wheeler team are just awesome people with big hearts, truly helping people in Indianapolis. I’m proud to work for a company that supports their race.


Pre Race- I was all about leaving the boys in jammies for the race. Glenn leans more toward, Marshall should wear normal clothes. My opinion is, let him be comfy. I’d be thrilled to rock that onsie all morning if I had to just chill in the stroller. Thankfully it was freaking warm out 50 degrees at the start- what?! The past two years have been absolutely freezing.


The Drumstick Dash is around 4.6 miles, but I only actually pushed the stroller for maybe a mile. Glenn pushed it most of the run.

My longest run coming back from the plantar fascia tear before this was 35 minutes, and this race took us 39 minutes, so I was comfortable with the amount of time on my feet.

My foot felt hot to start, but after about 5 or 6 minutes, it felt fine. I felt generally out of shape but Glenn and I talked the whole time and enjoyed the race. We ended up running 8:24 per mile average. The good news is I don’t feel as out of shape as I did after 6 weeks off from baby… proving that having a baby is a lot of work… as if we didn’t know that. But seriously, I didn’t run for an entire 12 weeks after I tore my PF; this is the longest I have EVER gone with not running, and I haven’t been super into cross training, so I’m happy with how “out of shape” I feel.


We love the little train they have out after the race! I know there are a lot of other smaller Thanksgiving Day races popping up around the near suburbs and downtown, that might be less hectic and crowded, but we are full committed to the Drumstick Dash. We’ve only missed one year since 2007 and will continue to take part in this race every year. I like thinking of the boys growing up with this tradition. (15,000 other families feel the same I’m sure!)

We headed to Crown Point after the race to spend Thanksgiving with Glenn’s family. Why are my sunglasses crooked? 


The boys almost always sleep the entire 2 hours to Crown Point. 

wild turkey

Wild Turkey shots are tradition at the Hein Thanksgiving. We took two. Big Lou was into it.


Marshall and Lou with all of their cousins on Glenn’s side. 


These three ran around together for hours and I basically forgot that I had a second kid because I hardly saw him. I foresee this being even more fun as the years go by and the younger ones will slowly start joining in on their gang too.


After all 35 people left, it was just us and Glenn’s parents and Marshall said we should get a jammie pic. I really am so happy to have such a great family I married into. I have the sweetest Mother in law you could ever imagine and my Father in law is funny and takes care of his family in the best way. Them Crown Point folk are good people.


When we got him, Marshall and I went to Sullivan’s at 49th and Penn to get the Christmas Tree. I know, Christmas tree farms are probably fun and all, but this is simple and for now this is our tradition. Plus Sullivan’s has an awesome Christmas Train thing that Marshall is obsessed with chasing around the store. 


Then we headed to Broad Ripple for Lights up Broad Ripple. It really was a blast. We checked out the party at the Fire Station, then headed over to an art fair and plopped down at Brothers for front row seats to the Holiday Parade that went right down Broad Ripple Ave. So, we had greasy pretzels and good beer. 120 minute IPA anyone? Tipsy after one beer? This is for sure the new tradition. I hope it wasn’t just a fluke that there Brother’s was pretty empty, because we throughly enjoyed sharing the big open space with the pool tables with only a few other people.

Lou and I hung out inside for most of it and watched Marshall and Glenn on the street.


After the parade and the light up ceremony at the firehouse we came up and decorated the Christmas tree. Then Glenn and I decided to be in denial about Marshall going to bed and just ignored it and let him fall asleep with us at 10pm. Whatever man.

I think in the second video I thought it was a picture at first. I also think I want a go pro or something like that. 

I didn’t really plan on this post being a run down of every waking minute of what we did this past couple of days but when you take a lot of pictures it ends up that way.

We are happy to be home and will head to church in a bit, Glenn’s out running and I’m going to run when he gets back. 40 minutes tops! I also plan to make some homemade quiche today. Bought all the good stuff for it yesterday and ran out of time.

Also, remember how I said I was ready to work on that training plan for myself? Definitely haven’t made time for that. I weighed myself at Glenn’s parents this weekend, (we don’t have a scale so I like to jump on when we’re in Crown Point, just because) I know weight fluctuates around 3 lbs on the regular, but I’m for sure up a steady 5-7 lbs without my normal routine. I’m totally fine with that for now. I can’t be concerned with these little short term details- though I can see how settling into a lifestyle with a slow decrease in physical exercises could turn into a yearly 5-7 lbs. I could really work on my mom bod if I wanted. I think I’ll train for a marathon, like I’m training for a triathlon instead though.

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