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Chicago Weekend – Saucony 26 Strong

Hi! I’m enjoying a nice long weekend in Chicago with a hotel room all to myself! It is a beautiful thing. It’s funny because I crave breaks and time to myself from the boys, but then when I head out the door for a few days a week I want to give 10 extra hugs and have this feeling that I’d rather just stay. Even though I know if I stayed I’d be thinking about how I’d love a get away.  Can we all say AMEN to some balance?!

I arrived yesterday around 4pm and promptly dropped my bags, turned the TV on, crawled into bed and relaxed for 2 hours before our meet and greet- it was incredible. After the meet up- Olivia, her boyfriend Blake and I met Laura, Brit and Laura’s mom for a beer. Then I totally forgot to pay for my beer. Thanks Laura for the Sumpin’ Sumpin’. 🙂


I got up at 5:30 am got a quick “whatever” workout in– 30 sweaty minutes on the bike and a few lunges and planks. Whatever man, I’m just trying to keep it together.


After my workout, I enjoyed coffee, the today show and a leisure hour to get ready for the day and then we headed out for a quick photo op with the 26 strong team and everyone else headed out for a shake out run. Last night Erin from Competitor told me not to worry and feel like I had to run with the group and I said Oh don’t you worry I’m not- no way I’m running on this foot! Then this morning on the phone Glenn said he thought I might jump in and do the shake out run with everyone- I told him if he had any idea how my foot still actually felt he’d know I wouldn’t even consider that.

I keep saying I think 4 more weeks of no running, but I don’t really know shit. 

I had my first real wave of sadness yesterday as I drove into the city (not REAL sadness obviously), but just bummed out that I can’t run the city of Chicago with Olivia tomorrow. I’ve only ran Chicago once – 5 years ago! And I’ve spectated many times since then. I love spectating and cheering on runners, but tomorrow will be my first real look at a marathon and what I wanted to do with Olivia and you know it will bring Monumental and what I won’t be doing there to the forefront of my mind. At the end of the day, it’s just running, but I’m allowed to be a little bummed out. 🙂

Either way, I am so happy to be here and grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the Saucony 26 Strong team. Both the Saucony crew and the competitor crew are all amazing to work with. Erin, Allison, Grayson, Sharon – they are so sweet, welcoming and I’m happy to know them. I haven’t even been here for 24 hours and have already been able to spend some time with some ladies I adore and can’t wait for more time with them and others in the group. I have gotten to know my cadet for the program, Olivia even better and I just love her. She is wise beyond her years though- when I am talking to her I can’t believe she’s only 25.


Glenn and I also have four other people we have coached for this race and I’m excited to cheer on each one who has prepared differently and in a way that was right for them! They are all on the starting line healthy and ready for this race- which is always the number one goal! Three of the five are first time marathoners which is even more exciting. My biggest advice will always be not to go out to hard- and I believe they are all prepared to not!

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow! I’ll be the crazy girl cheering around mile 23! 

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