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New Week.

I’ve been trying to get up at least an hour before the boys to have some time to myself these past few weeks. It truly is one of my favorite parts of the day when I do it- rather than being thrown into taking care of two little people as soon as my feet hit the floor. I prefer not to use that time to workout- my body and mind are just not ready for a workout right when I wake up. I don’t like to workout that early. I don’t sleep well anticipating an alarm and nothings ready for it.

I took the week easy last week running-wise. I was fighting a cold all week and while it didn’t completely knock me down, it took a toll on how I felt. I took out any speed work I planned on doing and also took the marathon pace miles out of my long run- I will do that this coming weekend instead. Had I tried to hit that workout I know it would have left me feeling tired and discouraged and I doubt I would have hit the paces past 3-4 miles into the pace work.

I’m pretty certain I will race Indy Women’s on September 19th and have been a little nervous about it. I hate even saying that because it seems silly to be nervous 3 weeks prior to doing something I enjoy.  But it’s true, every once in awhile I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking about how nervous I’ll be race morning. Gah. I talked to Glenn about this and he reminds me- if I’m not having fun then I shouldn’t be doing it. So get excited about the race and the goal, rather than getting nervous weeks in advance. He also remind me to just run my race and do me. I should be able to do that.

My half marathon PR is a long time coming. I have only given it a fair shot in years back in August 2013 when I had a miserable fail of a race. My plan right now is to go out around 6:50 pace for the first half and evaluate what I can handle for the last five miles when I get to mile eight. Based on workouts and the last couple of months, I think that is realistic, yet challenging for where I am right now.

I took yesterday off and will run easy with the double stroller when the boys get up from their naps. Tomorrow I am planning to do a workout- not sure what yet- probably some sort of cut down workout and then on Saturday I’m planning to run 20 with 8 at marathon pace. Should be tough. I’m feeling much better and think I have a solid week of training in me.

I hit my first 60 mile week of this training last week, coming in at 63 miles. This past week, I backed it down to 53 miles. I took Monday and Sunday off. I generally have been finding myself taking a rest day from running once every 10-12 days, but enjoyed two days off this past week. One because I was fighting off the cold, but 2 because I’m working hard to keep the plantar fasciitis in check.

I ran 10 easy with just Marshall on Saturday- man I’m going to miss my runs with this boy when he’s too big. Lot’s of special times together. 




Rundown of last two weeks: 

08/24/15- 08/30/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8.1 Mi on treadmill – Podcast chat @ 8:39

Wednesday: 8 Mi double stroller @ 9:45

Thursday: 10 Mi double stroller @ 9:38

Friday: 16.4 Mi with the family (Glenn pushing double stroller ) @ 8:11

Saturday: 10 Mi with Marsh in Single Stroller @ 8:38

Sunday: Rest

Total Mi: 53


08/17/15- 08/23/15

Monday: 5.2 Mi Double Stroller @ 9:16

Tuesday: AM – 10.2 Mi with 8 steady (8:04, 7:12, 7:05, 7:08, 7:12, 7:06, 6:51, 7:06, 7:12, 8:20, 8:31) PM – 3.2 Mi with Marshall in single stroller @ 9:41

Wednesday: 6 Mi double stroller @ 9:40

Thursday: AM – 8 Mi @ 7:39  PM – 4 Mi @ 9:46

Friday: 7 Mi solo @8:57, dead legs

Saturday: 20 Min row

Sunday: 18.1 Mi solo in Btown @ 8:35

Total Mi: 63

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