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Plantar fasciitis is out to get me. Always on my right foot. I had it last in the spring of 2014. After finishing Boston, I knew I needed to take time off because it had gotten really bad. It ended up being a good time to take off because I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later. I went to Dr. Charbel and had work done and took 4-6 weeks off the foot. Since I was pregnant though, I never really ramped my miles up to more than 25-30 a week, so it stayed away.

This started flaring up about 6 weeks ago, after a longer trail run that seemed to tear up my achilles. It seemed to hit me when I hit over 50 miles a week as well. I did run 63 miles last week taking one day off. It seems to feel a little better after taking a day off. I took Monday off this week as well. I am icing 2-3 times a day, rolling my calves and trying to be as proactive as possible. I do think for it to go away completely I will need to take a couple of weeks completely off running, but honestly want to try hard to keep it at bay and get through Monumental first.

I am dealing with also dealing stupid cold this week, so I am taking it easy- probably not speed at all and just a lower mileage week. Not a big deal.

What else is going on:

  • I am starting a stroller run meet up at Athletic Annex on Wednesday’s at 9:30am! This is something I kept talking about doing but not actually doing, so on Monday I decided to just make it happen. We’ll see if anyone show up today!! 🙂 The boys and I are heading to Einstein’s to get bagels and are looking forward to meeting some new friends. I hope I feel extra extroverty this morning. I usually do, but like everyone else, I have my days where I am feeling quiet. I mean, it doesn’t happen often, but it happens.
  • I kept seeing people post about it so I started Chalene Johnson’s 30 day pushso I decided to join that last week. Well, I’m already a little behind- on day three when really I should be on day eight or nine. That’s ok though, I’m doing it.
  • We are 6 weeks out from the Chicago marathon- excited for that because I’ll be running the race with my cadet from the Saucony 26 strong project! And that will put us 4 weeks out from Monumental. Lot’s of work to be done, but also lot’s of fun to be had.





Has anyone out there done the 30-day push? Good stuff? What do you think about the stroller meet up? I’m kind of excited about it- not much else like this in Indy and I think it has the potential to be really fun and bring a lot of fun people together. 

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