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How do you race ONE Mile?

Last year when Glenn raced the Monumental Mile, I was secretly pregnant and had some mad plantar fasciitis… so I didn’t race. His goal was to break 5:00 and it was fun to watch that unfold. He came through in 4:54. In case you missed this epic picture, I’ll bless you with it now:


Racing a mile is hard. 

Of course I love spectating and cheering, I’m basically a professional at that for races, but last year, I wanted my chance for next year. And then I almost didn’t do it this year. I did a workout the other week – 10 miles with 2 x 1 mile in the middle. The second mile repeat was 6:34 and I was busting ass to hit the pace. Like all out busting ass. After that I was kind of thinking I didn’t want to race the mile because I didn’t feel like I was in the shape I wanted to be in yet to really race it.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run a time I was proud of. That’s what people do. They make excuses. “Well I’m just coming off XX injury, I just had a baby, I’ve been sick, I’ve been busy” Whatever. Who cares if I’m not as fast as I COULD be if I didn’t have a baby in January. The point is this is where I am right now so I needed to go out and just do what I do where I am. Not care what anyone thinks and just go. (I also thought about hiding behind the stroller). I know I can run a decent mile time pushing a stroller and would that feel more impressive than what I would run without it?? STOP!!

Glenn of course told me it was dumb to not run if just because I wasn’t in peak shape. I should just go run it and see what I could do- because why not.

I made a goal that as long as I broke 6 minutes I’d be satisfied with my effort. Glenn planted the seed that I could break 5:50. He likes to plant seeds like that to boost my confidence. It helps.

Larra came by and picked me up early and we headed downtown to get our bibs and warm up. We warmed up 2 miles about 8 minute pace. A bit fast for a warm up compared to what I’m used to and the legs felt HEAVY. I was thinking hmmmmm, not sure how I’m going to get this done, but I’m just gonna do what I do and see.

We headed up to the start line and had about 3-4 minutes to spare. I knew of at least three girls I didn’t have to speed to keep up with, so I lined up behind them and made sure I stayed a healthy distance back from the start.

There were a ton of girls around me through the first quarter and I was kind of thinking, what the hell is going on here are all of these girls really going to run this fast? Am I running too slow?

I came through the 800 at 2:50- too fast. I knew I didn’t have 5:40 speed in me. At that point I kind of mentally gave up a little. It  also thinned out and only the three girls I knew were quick were in front of me. I saw a few friends on the sidelines cheering and probably pretty much just mean mugged everyone because I was thinking about how I just wanted to be done Now. Not in 3 minutes.


I think I ran the second half pretty consistently at 6:05-6:10. Yep, went out to fast. I had the thought of just cursing in at 6:30s and calling it a day, but knew I’d be pissed if I did that. I thought I had 4th place in lock with about 100 to go and then out of nowhere someone passed me with about 25 meters to go and I didn’t fight for it.

FullSizeRender (2)

My official time as 5:53. Next stop sub 5:50 and we’ll go from there. 

FullSizeRender (1)


Don’t let the cute husband holding the baby listening to his wife fool you. This probably right after he told me he was disappointed I didn’t go for that girl when she passed me. Tough love man. Tough love. PS, I love Big Lou peeking over his shoulder in this pic.

I haven’t paced a mile in an interval workout, let alone a race in a really long time. When I went out- I wasn’t sure what I was running. It just felt fast. I definitely feel like I had more to give. That’s kind of a bummer and a good thing at the same time. Bummer that I didn’t try harder, but fun to think I can push more and not be a baby. I’d like to try again soon and then again in a couple of months once I have some workouts under my belt. Glenn and I were talking about maybe doing a monthly mile trial at Shortridge. Stay tuned if you’re local and interested.

There is a way to race just one mile and do it right. It takes practice. Like running marathons well takes practice. So practice we will. Work works.

Oh and I definitely straight peed my pants during the race. Full on peed my pants. I thought that was happening about halfway through but wasn’t sure until I finished the race. I think I told way too many people that once I crossed the finish line, but it was so there and I was a little in shock, so what to do but talk about it. Like I had to tell people… sometimes being an extrovert is tough. And by tough, I mean embarrassing. I think I’ll blame this on Louis. I had a c-section with Marshall and haven’t encountered this problem on such a short run before. (My half ironman in 2013 post Marshall is another story)


Props the the Monumental Marathon for this great event. It’s a fun way to kick off training season for fall marathons- as well as encourage someone who might just be getting started to go this distance. They do a great job with the race and it’s an awesome event for our city. Bravo. Now I need a handclap emoji on my computer. Also- loved the quaff on Beer at the finish. My stroller may or may not smell like beer now.

The Hein’s will be back every year- not where which one it will be next year, but one of us will run it and you know when the boys are old enough, they’ll be doing it too.

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