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500 Festival Mini THIS WEEKEND!

I kept things pretty simple last week- ending the week with a confidence building longer run. I ran easy for the most part, but picked it up the last three miles. The first time I’ve seen my watch go under 7:00 minute miles since before Louis. I closed the last half of the mile in around 6:45 and it felt good to run harder. Still a lot of building an work to do, but we’re getting somewhere. I’m thinking back to that first week back around 8 weeks ago and I struggled with anything under a 10 minute mile. I see progress. And I like it.

I decided to settle in to 35ish mile weeks for now- when I hit 40 the other week, I think I ramped it up just a little bit too much. I might hit 40 in the next week or so and then settle in there for awhile. I’d like to be at a good 50 mile week base when I really start training for Monumental. There’s no reason to be all rushed and hit those miles now. I just want to enjoy where I’m at. 40 mile weeks has always just been where I’m naturally comfortable- like if I weren’t training for anything, that would just be my happy place.

So I’m running the 500 Festival Mini Marathon this weekend as my first race post Louis. My best guess is that I’ll come in somewhere between 1:40-1:45 for the race. I plan to run around 8:00 min/mile until we get off the track and then just seeing what I can do. I don’t want the last 5 miles to be an all out balls to the wall effort but I will push it. I’m gonna go ahead and say I’ll run a 1:43. We’ll see.

I talked with Fox 59 this week and last about tapering and gearing up for the Mini Marathon this weekend. The videos are below:



Here’s what I was up to last week:


Monday: 5 Mi @ 9:00 – little pick up at end

Tuesday: 6.7 Mi @ 8:50 – Monon stroller Run with Louis (First one for me- although Glenn broke him in a couple weeks ago)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5.3 Mi Mi @ 8:22 – all alone in the PM!

Friday: 7 Mi @ 8:47 – Stroller Run with Marshall and Ashley. He snoozed, we talked.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10.8 Mi @ 8:18 –Easy 7, progress last 3 (7:52, 7:27, 7:00), cool down about a mile.

Total Mi: 34 Mi

Also- I’m for real with the Tupac love. “You got Tupac on your shirt Mommy?” says Marshall.


Read his lips in this video, it’s funny. Well I mean I think it’s funny. You might think it’s stupid.


What’s your favorite Tupac song? If you don’t have one, we probably can’t be friends. 

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