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All funked up in here.

Oh man I had a great week of feeling back to normalish two weeks ago. And then last week happened. Everyone was sick. I had a mild stomach thing going on and then a mild head cold/throat thing going on, wasn’t totally wiped out, but enough to make me real tired. Glenn had a fever at one point and Marshall had a stomach thing at one point. Big Lou was the only one that made it out of the week healthy. Must be all that donated breast milk he’s drinking! I can’t take the credit for that.

So here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: 5 Mi Run with Ashley + 45 Min TRX

Tuesday: Rest + Cyrotherapy & Normatech boots (more on this tomorrow)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Slothy 3 Mi Run on Treadmill + 1 Hr Yoga

Friday: Rest – was supposed to run with Larra but we both felt terrible

Saturday: 6 Miles on Monon with Glenn. Thought I might go for 10 but body told me to slow my roll

Sunday: Rest

Total Mi: 14

Four rest days and Three easy workout days. Wait I lied, the yoga wasn’t easy. I guess it wasn’t a total crapshoot, but I tell people we coach all the time to listen to your body and there is no reason to push when you are sick or just flat out need rest. I am clearly in a unique situation not being in any sort of peak shape and coming back from having Louis. There a pluses and minuses to that but really it doesn’t matter.

I look back to how anxious I was to get back to racing after having Marshall and I’m just more chill this time. Maybe it’s because I’m more tired. Toddlers are hard. But it’s probably just because I’m smarter. Well, tired too. So I’m smart and tired. At this point after Marshall- I would have already ran a half marathon and be well on my way to my first post baby marathon- which I did when he was 4 months. NO DESIRE to even go there so soon.

So here’s to another week. Just gonna do my thing and feel it all out. Started it off with a 4 mile run and some TRX.

I don’t have any run, workout, shoe, watch, any kind of pictures related to this post, so I’ll leave you with this cute video and some pics of what I was really up to last week. :





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