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Today is a new day. Although I was up a lot last night due to the noisy 11 lber sleeping in our room. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I don’t wake up feeling like this most days; most days it takes me at least an hour to start feeling that way. Can we organize this with our hormones that we wake up feeling like this everyday? Anytime I’m feeling off or crazy or if I’m feeling extra happy, I know the hormones are to blame or thank.

I enjoyed a peaceful pleasant morning getting lot’s of snuggles from big Lou. I am very well aware that this time passes quick and while I am a very go, go, go kind of person I have not skipped out on snuggles from my guy.

Today, I’m headed out for a 10 mile run. My longest post baby run so far. I haven’t been following any structured plan but have been running consistently and easy. I was feeling much more myself today than I have been. Glenn has had a fever and feeling really terrible, so I put my tough girl pants on and strollered it up for the first double digit run. I settled in around a 9:00 min pace and decided to hang on to that until that last few miles where I would pick it up. The towpath felt a little bumpy and the wind felt a little strong (although I’m sure it wasn’t- I’m just not used to running with the stroller right now!) Also- our tires in the stroller needed some air so that probably made it more difficult.

We did the Butler loop for the Bulldogs & my father in law who is the most hardcore Butler fan I know.  This was only about 3 miles into our run and Marshall was already passed out hard. I wore my Shamrock shirt for the first half of the run before I got too hot in honor of the Shamrock marathon today – two years since I ran it and set my marathon PR. Coming for you this fall!!



I ran south on the monon toward the house to finish the run- happy to be off the bumpy gravel & also have the wind at my back. But, there was a shady guy around 42nd street that was on a bike and he slowed down and hopped off to the side as I approached him and then got back on right behind me, I quickly turned around to go the other way and waited him out so he would get further along but then he did the same thing so Marshall and I immediately got off the trail. Something just wasn’t right with this guy and there wasn’t really any other people close enough by that I felt safe. This isn’t the first time I’ve had that feeling on the monon and I always trust my instincts when I get that feeling. Don’t even get me started on the stray dogs. 

On another note, I’ve been wearing these Saucony Guides. I’m not usually a stability shoe runner, but these are feeling good. I only stopped wearing my orthotics back in June and who knows if my feet are werido right now coming off of the pregnancy.



After the run, Marshall and I headed to the store to get bananas (in pajamas of course) for our post run smoothie. He loves helping make smoothies and it was my best bribe to deter him from obsessing over not stopping at the park with three miles to go. I didn’t even realize he had woke up and of course when we run by canterbury park on cue he’s up and ready to play. I let him get pretzels and eat them out of the bag on the way home from the store and he acted like it was the best thing that ever happened to him.




2 Week Training Log- 9 weeks Post Baby:

March 9th-March 15th:

Monday- 3 Mi @ 9:20 + 45 Min TRX

Tuesday- 3.4 Mi @9:25 with Cadence

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- 6.2 Mi @ 8:57 Monon with myself & Tupac.

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 5 Mi @ 9:02 with Glenn

Sunday- 7.6 Mi @ 8:30 with Larra & Ashley + 10 Mi bike ride (to and from the run)

Total Mi: 25


March 16th-March 22nd:


Monday- 4 Mi @ 8:53 with Ashley + 45 Min TRX

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- 6 Mi @ 8:50 with Ashley & Amy

Thursday- 3.2 Mi @ 9:23 on Treadmill

Friday- 5 Mi @ 8:29 with Glenn & Marshall – threw in a 7:30 last mile. Felt like I was running 6:30 pace! Slow but smart progress!

Saturday- 20 Min Row, 10 Min Bike in parents basement just to sweat

Sunday- 10 Mi @ 8:44

Total Mi: 28


I’ll likely hit around 30 this coming week. All still nice and easy. I doubt I will add any sort of speed until May. And it will start with some simple tempo stuff. I keep saying I’m going to sketch out my plan a little more, but other things on my to do list (like writing a blog post) keep trumping it. I’ll get there. If it were up to Glenn I’d be maxing out at 90 mile weeks when I’m in peak training for the fall. I’ll tell you now- not gonna happen. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Have a great week everyone!!

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