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Week 2 & Strava!

Week two down and I’m starting to feel better. I’ve been super consistent ever since I was cleared to workout, but it’s gonna be a lot of easy running for a while still. I have been generally starting out these runs around a 10 minute mile and progress to somewhere around 8:45 toward the end of the run.

I was excited for yesterdays’s run for a few reasons– I knew I’d have a great group of ladies to run with, it was going to be my longest run yet, it was outside and kinda warm. No warmer. Not warm. 21 feels like 15? We met at the Athletic Annex Broad Ripple House and hit the monon south. Side note- Athletic Annex is a speciality run/walk store that I started doing part time work for in marketing and events in the fall. I absolutely love it and am so grateful for the opportunity to work part time while also staying home with my guys. It gives me a great balance that I need. I love love love being in the running scene and the people at Athletic Annex are a great group. I’m telling you, these people know their shoes. While my job is mostly marketing and I’m not on the floor much, I will be doing a few hours a week at the Broad Ripple store, so I’ve been learning about shoes and fitting recently. A lot to take in! These guys/gals know what they’re doing- go there for a custom fit. The know shoes inside and out.

Anyway- here is what went down on my second week back at it:

Week Rundown:

Sunday: 4.5 Mi

Monday: 3 Mi

Tuesday: 3.5 Mi

Wednesday: Easy 40 Min Bike

Thursday: Cycle & Strength Class

Friday: 3.2 Mi

Saturday: 6 Mi

Total Run  Mi: 20 Mi


I decided I need a more planned out schedule- not necessarily run wise, but for other things. Naturally, like so many others, I am quite the lazy runner. I am diligent about my pre run lunges and some very basic post run stretching, but I want to be more consistent with doing some other strength training. Like the cycle strength class I did on Thursday- I want that to be a thing I do and if it’s on my schedule, I’ll do it. So today, I think I’ll sketch out a training plan for myself  for the next month or so. I also keep saying I want to swim once a week, but if I don’t have that down on my schedule, it’s not going to happen.

Oh, also… I joined STRAVA! Glenn has been obsessed for awhile now. I never kept track of my miles or pace or anything when I was pregnant and then of course took 6 weeks off, so no point to join, but now I’m back this will be a nice way to track my training. Are you on? Let me know so I can follow you! Now I just need to get a new GPS watch. The old Soleus has seen better days.

Below are pictures from yesterday- these ladies are great- check out Team Film if you live in Indy and are looking for ambitious, exciting, active and fun ladies to hang with. No BS with this crew.



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