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February running

Not much going on here. Just plugging along. Winter running is hard. It sucks the motivation out of you.

Enough complaining. February? It’s looked a lot like the last two weeks before that and the two weeks before that. I seem to be stuck on about 50 miles. I was half complaining to Lindsey about it the other day. I’d like to get  the mileage up sooner rather then later but it just isn’t going to happen right now.

I was able to hit 60 miles the last week of February for the first time in forever. Looking back at 2014, mileage in January and February is pretty much identical. Literally one mile different. 2014 was 394 and 2015 was 393. Kind of random and doesn’t really mean anything…low months for different reasons. 2014 I was battling some injury and 2015 we’re battling a newborn…haha.

This past week I feel like I am finally starting to hit a groove and develop some rhythm again to the running. So that is a step in the right direction. We are now 14 weeks out from Kettle Moraine so I’ll start to build in some workouts and ditch the all easy running I’ve been doing over the winter and since the baby was born. I don’t know how that is going to work yet as the baby is not ready to sleep through the night so our system of night feeding doesn’t really lend itself to early morning running like I prefer. I can usually get in 10K during lunch sometimes I can stretch it a little but not much. So until I can become an early morning runner again we’ll see what happens. I foresee a lot of workouts (tempos, waves, steady state, cut down, RP, etc.) within my long runs on the weekend. Which is good anyway.

Feb 9 -15

6 runs

48 miles

Had a really bad head and chest cold or sinus infection this week. Had to take Friday off because of it. Threw in some marathon pace miles into Saturday’s long run…about 6:30’s right now.  Those felt good. Did about 5 of them.

Feb 16 – 22

7 runs

50 miles

Don’t remember anything about this week. Another week of a head cold. Ran on the treadmill for the first time in probably about a year over the weekend in Crown Point. Got in some steep hill work on it.

Left: Summer 2012, Right: Winter 2015. What's different?

Left: Summer 2012, Right: Winter 2015. What’s different?

Feb 23 – Mar 1

7 runs

61 miles

Nothing fancy. Still stupid cold outside. Coldest February since 1979. Glad to be running every day again. Hopefully I can keep it going now for a while.

In other news, Lindsey is running again so I’m sowing the seeds of 2:59:59 in her head. It’s an uphill battle post baby…but my Jedi mind tricks will work…haha. 🙂

Keep running.

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