Mohican 50 – Week 5

Hey it’s Sunday and I am on top of things this week. Working on my training log early. We are in Bloomington right now visiting Lindsey’s mom, Lori, who had knee surgery this week. Have you seen her knee? Look at my twitter if you want to see it. I won’t put it in your face on the blog. It is intense.

Another good week. Lots of snow and cold again so lots of treadmill running for me. I mainly go to the treadmill out of ease of use. It is a lot easier to get my work on the mill as opposed to layering up and dealing with crap conditions sometimes. I know I could run outside a lot more then I do but I’ve been lazy with it by taking the easy way out. I don’t mind it and I don’t have to worry about ice or anything when doing my workouts. I think there are advantages to both the treadmill and to ‘manning up’ and going outside but either way at the end of the day the work needs to get done so do it, whatever it takes.

Don’t let the weather, the treadmill, getting up early, or whatever it is stand in your way of working toward your goal. Enough about winter running and the treadmill.

Here is my log:

Week 5 – Feb 3rd – 9th

71.54 Miles
8 Runs
2/3 Workouts

Monday – 5

Recovery 5.  Easy 40 minutes of running to shake out the weekend. Feeling good with running everyday lately so I use Monday as a fake rest day and run super easy.

Tuesday (Another big snow storm) – 12.5

8.54 Miles
7:01 Pace
Easy running with some pickups the last 2.5 miles. Finished at about 5:40 or so. I am really enjoying this type of run lately. Little bit of stress but not too much.

Easy 4 around 8:00 pace. Another week of adding a secondary run. 

Wednesday (Stupid Cold Out) – 10 Miles 
7:13 Pace
Easy run with some hills thrown in for fun.

Thursday (Stupid Cold Again) – 10 Miles
6:49 Pace

3 mile warm up
6 miles Wave Tempo – 6:27,6:07,6:27,5:56,6:27,5:49
1 mile cool down
I am a big fan of the Wave tempo workout. The alternating pace provides a nice stressor especially with having to “recover” at a quicker pace in between those LT miles.
Good workout.
I wanted to do a secondary run after this workout but the day didn’t work out that way.

Friday  – 6 Miles
7:49 Pace
Recovery day following yesterday’s workout and the lack of the secondary run to excelerate the recovery process. 

Saturday – 18 Miles
7:12 Pace
It was finally warm enough to have a decent run outside but Lindsey convinced me to go to the gym with her and Marshall so I ran on the treadmill. Pretty standard long run. I am sure people were wondering what I was doing on the treadmill for 2 hours.

Marshall stranded at kids club for the full two hour limit they allow.  Awesome track suit, compliments of Simon.
Sunday – 10 Miles
7:08 Pace
A good Bloomington hill run with a progressive up tempo finish. I had been kind of slacking on hill work recently so it felt good to run strong on the hills. I need to make sure to maximize my hill time in order to be ready for Mohican. 

Next week looks to be more of the same for me. I am trying to figure out the next couple of weeks right now. I am pretty early into my cycle so I don’t want to push too hard too soon so I am thinking that I will run 75 miles or so the next two weeks and then cut things back at the end of Feb a bit to really absorb all the stress and then ramp up again a little more in March. I am taking this cycle slowly and am trying not to over do things. Feeling good so far.

And just because- here’s a creepy “My Buddy” doll we found in the closet at Lindsey’s parents house last night: (His sister came out today and she looked to have some vacation braids in her hair) Marshall is obsessed with this thing. 

You remember My Buddy right?!

How is your running going? Any races coming up?  I’d like to race soon.

Did you have a “My Buddy”? Were they this creepy when we were kids?


  1. Hey man! Nice work… Reading your post napping in bed after a late night skiing last night with my pub buddies and had maybe a plate too many nachos… That 2nd angry orchard with a fireball shot was certainly going the extra mile… So… Now because of your “no excuses post” I’m gonna lace up and run my 8 easy today yet! Thanks Bro!

  2. It looks like you had another great week and I cannot wait to see how awesome your race goes.

    I have a few races coming up (Valentines 14k, half marathon and 10k) but no goal races until April. (half marathon). 🙂

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