Week 4 – Mohican 50 Training

Another week of running. Another training log blog. Recording this helps me process through how I am feeling, what worked, what didn’t, new things to try, etc. I figured out today that I have ran for 30 straight days. I kind of like it. My body feels good.

The last two Mondays I have used them as pseudo rest days and run super easy for like 30 or 40 minutes. I am not trying to “run streak” or anything like that but I’ve found this to be working for me right now.

Here’s my log from Week 4:

Week 4 – Jan 27th – Feb 2nd

8 runs
68 Miles
2 Workouts

Monday – 4 miles

Recovery day from the prior weekend. I drove up from Bloomington that morning so I didn’t run until 6:30 or so. Felt really tired because of it. I almost never run at night. 7:45 pace.

Tuesday – 10 Miles – 7:11 pace.

Easy run with a pickup the last two miles. I am enjoying this type of run. I start out nice and easy for a couple of miles and then progress the pace to where I am at AT and faster for the last mile or two. I think it provides a nice little stress without overly taxing your body. It was stupid cold out again, like -40*F wind chill. Went back to Bloomington to get Lindsey and Marshall after staying in Indy Monday night.

Wednesday – 8 Miles – 7:22 pace.

Easy run. Traveling the state continues. I took Lindsey and Marshall to Crown Point today so she could recover and I could work. It would almost be easier if Lindsey worked outside of the house because I could just take Marshall to day care and we could stay in Indy but thankfully all the surgery stuff is essentially behind us. Came back to Indy Wednesday night.

Thursday – 11 Miles
2 Runs.

First run was the workout for the day:

8 Miles.
6:49 pace.
2 Mile warmup.
5 mile tempo run in 30:40 – 6:30, 6:17. 6:07, 6:00,5:46
1 Mile cooldown
Good effort. I really enjoy progressive type runs. Too often people hammer from the gun and then struggle.

Second run

3 miles

Easy run with the dog. 8:15 pace or so. This is the first week that I have added a secondary run into my weekly load. I did it for a couple weeks in the fall. I plan on adding some more secondary runs throughout this cycle until I get to 10-12 runs a week.

Friday – 10 Miles

Easy run 7:27 pace. Got to run outside for this one since the snow had been cleared and it was not stupid cold. See my log from last week for my thoughts on winter running and the treadmill. Basically…get over it!

Saturday – 15 Miles

Back in Crown Point for this one. I came up Friday night after work. CP got a big storm Friday night into Saturday which made running outside not a very good option so I took to my parents treadmill.
Nice long run. 7:10 pace. Spotify and @iRunFar coverage of Rocky Raccoon and Sean O’Brien ultras got me through.

We then celebrated my Dad’s 63rd birthday. The joke was it was like his 7th birthday party of the week…he had at least 3 for real though. If cake is present it is a party in my book.

The original Hein Family plus the new ones. My Dad’s 63rd birthday.

Sunday – 10 Miles

6 @ 7:30 with increasing pace over the last four. Moved from 7:30 to 5:50 over the last four. Pretty standard FF run following a long run for the Mohican cycle. 

We then came back to Indy and went to a Super Bowl party with some friends. What a terrible game…but I’m glad the Seahawks won.

Super Bowl parties look like this now.

In the last week, I have drove from Indy to Bloomington, back to Indy, back to Bloomington, back to Indy, to Crown Point, to Indy, to Crown Point again and finally back to Indy.

Happy to be home this week and that Lindsey is back on the road to recovery and the surgeries are behind us. 

This week will again be around 70 miles with one or two secondary runs…probably two. I’ll hold that for a couple of weeks to make sure I can handle it along with the miles before bumping up again.

Who is over winter like this guy? Favorite workouts of the moment?


  1. I love your attitude about treadmill running. No one likes it but when you live where there’s snow you just have to get over it! I’m also doing the 2 mile WU, 5 at half-marathon pace and 1 mile cool down. I actually prefer doing this on the ‘mill since I can better pace myself. Mine are more of the 6:44 variety but hey, it works for me.

    1. I will never understand why I have to get over treadmill running. I will never treadmill. Seriously, if there is snow on the ground and I have to work a little harder to cover the ground isn’t that a good work out? It might not be speed, but it is definitely more endurance. As well, the -20 windchill weather is really not that bad with the proper layers. When I see all of you super-runners say the treadmill is the only option I wonder if I am missing something crucial. The reason I run outside is because running is so much more to me than staying thin or physical fitness. It has so much more to do with my mental health, and the fresh outdoor air and any sun I can find is essential for my mental health. Is there anybody out there that gets my thing? I know that I am very lonely on the streets in my town right now. Clearly, I am in the minority but is there somebody, anybody that can back me up here? C’mon, I need a friend here. 🙂

    2. Hey Belle! The treadmill is definitely not the only option! I mainly go to it out of laziness and ease. It is just easier sometimes to run on it then deal with the conditions…I like to take the easy way out. Like you said there is a lot to be said for getting out in the fresh year and working through things. You can never beat being outside for a run.

    1. Thanks Brian! I like the site. How’s the training going? 100 mile? Thats a lot of running. Good luck with Umstead. Look forwarding to seeing how it goes for you.

  2. SUPER-over winter here. It is supposedly going to warm up next week, and I’m signed up for a 5k Saturday so I have all available digits crossed right now. Been doing really irregular treadmill interval runs which I actually sort of enjoy. Running on the treadmill gets boring fast so mixing it up or just pushing yourself works to keep it interesting, or at least to get it over with. 🙂

    1. I’ve thought about you up in MN during our winter! The Today Show or ESPN or someone was showing two weeks ago some ice fishing competition in MN that had 10,000 people attending. It was like -6 outside. You guys are crazy! Hope the race goes well.

      Treadmill intervals are a great workout.

  3. Always impressive training log. What is more fun though are all those kids! Lucky that Marsh Man has so many cousins near him! Since my husband is 8 years older than me, and I am the oldest of all my cousins, there are all older kids on his side, and almost no kids on my side. Our son will have to be surrounded by our close friends children!

    1. Thanks! Yeah for the longest time it was just us kids and then we all kind of had kids at one time so its a lot of fun! It is great to see Marshall interact with his young cousins! The Super Bowl was interesting with friend’s kids…not a lot of game watching went on.

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