Some Speed

I hadn’t done an actual speed workout since August. After the Indy Women’s Half, which was not a good race for me, I was only left with 4 weeks before I had to hang things up for a couple of months, so I just had fun with unstructured care free running. Which I believe is important to do no matter who you are, surgery or no surgery!

I’ve done some moderately hard tempo runs and some fast finish miles here and there but yesterday I decided to do mile repeats. I’ve been focusing on building distance and not speed. But I really wanted that “how I feel after I kill a speed workout feeling”. So naturally, I did the mile repeats. They always hurt and I’m always left with the feeling of, I just worked hard for that and I’m glad I did- now let me conquer the rest of this day.

If I was in the peak of my training, I would likely do 5 repeats and I honestly considered doing 5, but instead finished with a strong 4. As I was finished up the 4th, I let the thought enter my head again to perhaps do 5, but decided I was happy with the effort I put out and there was no need to prove that I could in fact do a 5th. Sometimes it is important to get the extra in and push through it, but sometimes it’s equally as important to end feeling strong knowing that you can keep pace and crush the last repeat.

I have done a good job listening to my body for the MOST part in this post surgery journey, minus 2-3 runs….. (remember this one… ouch… I do) when most of my body was ready but a few areas were not). Today, I knew 4 was enough, and I was perfectly content with it.

The workout went down like this:

15 minute warm up

4 X 1 Mile @ 6:25, 6:22, 6:22, 6:15 with quarter mile jogs between sets.

15 minute cool down

Building a high mileage base has helped with my confidence for a workout like this. If you think about running around 7-10 miles most days of the week, then 4 mile repeats, while the pace might be hard and taxing does not seem like that many miles. I can mentally wrap my head around less than 26 minutes of hard running.

I do believe I’ll be focusing more on the high miles rather than the speedy speedy stuff through the rest of my Boston training though. It’s what makes me happy right now and is much less stressful than the pressure of speed work.

I know I’ve said it a lot recently, and I’ll probably say it many more times; I really don’t know if there is a PR in April, but workouts like this and my 20 on Saturday are giving me confidence that it could be within reach. The 4 week recovery after next week won’t be nearly as intense as the 6 weeks I had back in October, not to mention this surgery won’t take as much out of my physically.

Regardless of all that talk, I’m starting to enjoy my running in a different way. Although I have been a mom for a year and a half now, my alone running time has become more and more valuable and helpful for my sanity as of late. I haven’t been seeing it as a task I need to get done as much as I used to, I’ve been seeing it more as a freedom.

I’ve always enjoyed what running brings me, but the freedom right now has been something I’ve needed more than ever recently. I love that I have chosen to stay home with Marshall and I by no means have it rough at all. (My sister does this with two kids and her husband is overseas for months at a time… I know I have it made) But man no matter how you slice it being in charge of another human being all day everyday can just wear you down sometimes and running has proven to be my saving grace time and time again. I honestly don’t know how people do it if they don’t workout. I would be crazier than I already am without it.

That being said, I’ll just say I feel like the luckiest lady alive that I get to be Marshall’s mom.  

Children’s Museuming…. what we do in between naps once a weekish to get out of the house! Pretty sweet to live so close to such an awesome place.
My dad was in Indy this week taking my mom to the airport & asked us to go to the RV show at the fairgrounds. Sure, why not? And these boys sure are cute with their popcorn. Also, I’m pretty sure Marshall mattered the word PEE while we were there.
What’s your favorite speed work? 

Do you prefer speed or distance? Both?


  1. Moms rock. Running rocks. And moms who run extra rock! =) I absolutely love little boys and am thrilled to have a son. I always wanted a brother, but more than anything, I just love all the boy stuff….playing with bugs, sports, getting dirty, hunting (well, not really hunting, but I LOVE to eat deer meat), etc etc. It is just so much fun.

    1. I love the boy stuff too! I feel like if we have more kids, it will be all boys- which I am totally happy with and think it would be a lot of fun.

  2. I’m so much more comfortable with distance! But I guess I need the speed, too. I like mile repeats, but I also love a quick workout of 200mx20.

    1. Oh mean 200 X 20 – now that’s some SPEED WORK! I don’t really go shorter than 800s ever, but think changing it up to something like that would be fun sometimes. Especially for helping bring down a 5K time!

  3. Love the speed!!!…but I miss going long. I’m starting to build up for a March half marathon so I’ve done 10 as a “long” run so far. I’m actually looking forward to those 10+ milers on the schedule soon!!

  4. Honestly, I love 800’s I think it’s because it was my favorite race distance in high school and college (it was actually the furthest I had raced until a few years ago). I typically prefer speed over volume but that again, related back to my running roots being in track and field in HS and college.

    I think you are going to come back really strong. I am glad that running is your free time and gives you a break from day to day things like being a parent etc. My sister has a 9 month old and was upset the other day because she said her run was her ‘free time’ and it made her feel guilty. Although I don’t have kids I am well aware that needing alone time doesnt make you a bad person or parent it makes you human. We all need our time. Some choose to run, some drink, some shop, some do whatever. But you need your time and I am glad running is your happy place.

  5. This post explains my feelings about running exactly. Although I want to be a much faster runner, I hesitate to disrupt the peace I find on those long runs. Speed running makes me pre-run anxious (although I admit I would probably get a pretty good high off of it post-run). I just don’t need any more anxiety most days than I already get in my regular day. And, yes, Boy-Children rock!

    1. SO true! Long runs with no speed are so much less stressful! No need to be anxious about something we do to get rid of anxiety. Although, if we want to get faster, it’s a necessary evil sometimes haha! Hi! Miss our back and forth emailing!!

  6. Loving reading your updates post surgery. I commented back in December, right before my surgery!! 4.5 weeks post surgery and I got my first run in yesterday! I was so excited! I planned an easy 3, max, treadmill run. Just to test the waters. Hubby was running beside me and although he is at a slower pace and not recovering from this surgery, he was still going when I got to mile 3 (which I had not planned bc I nearly dragged him there after he worked about 7 days straight…) soooo, I kept on going. At mile 5, he made me stop. Which I reluctantly did based on his advice. Needless to say, it felt great….and no real taxing on my body. Your recent long runs have me very excited about what is to come run wise on this road of recovery!! Keep running, girl!

    1. Hi Colleen! How are you feeling now? So great that you got your first run in! I did my first run at 5.5 weeks…. do you have your expanders in? You probably don’t have a date for your reconstruction yet? Mine is tomorrow…. eek! I’ve built a nice base, but and a little anxious about taking big steps back from that progress for 3-4 weeks. I actually took the last two days off due to travel and getting back in town and organizing our house… feel like i need to get a longish run in today, last chance! By the way, I just stalked on your blog, dang you are fast! I’m excited to read about what you are up to. Let me know if you ever have any questions along this journey. Have you had your first fill yet??

    2. Hey Lindsey! I hit 5 weeks…for that first run as well. I have my expanders in and went for my first fill a week and a half ago. I expected much more pain…but really it was just a little soreness that day and the following day. Everything then settled again and I will be going in for my second fill this week. Now that I am getting runs in again and starting to slowly work my way back up, I am anxious about the second surgery and taking steps back as well. I am hoping to set a date sometime in April, so I can get back into running/training for some Fall races. I read your quick snapshot of your second surgery, how are you feeling? How are the girls in relation to those ‘bricks’ as I often refer to them?! I am hoping your return to the pavement comes sooner than you think!! Will be thinking of you 🙂

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