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Training Log: Marathon recovery week 1

Not much going on over here the past week in terms of running. Still running but playing things pretty slow with Monumental just 8 days ago. Coming off the race the soreness wasn’t too bad but I did have a high level of general fatigue the later part of the week and my sleep was not the best. I’ve found that the more I run the more I can handle the post marathon soreness a lot better. Sore but can always walk normal. Very different then the first for sure…you would have thought I had wooden pegs for legs.

The sleep has gotten better as I’ve settled back into routine. I never sleep that well in the days immediately after a race. Not exactly sure why…but I think it is somewhat common. I am just kind of restless.

Resting heart rate is back in the normal range of high 30’s/low 40. I keep track of it a couple times a week to monitor over-reaching and the week leading up to the race I couldn’t get it down and then immediately following the race it goes right back to normal. I guess between work, Lindsey’ grandma, and the race I was a little stressed leading up to the race. haha. Pay attention to that stuff…it makes a difference.

November 3rd-9th

5 runs

26.2 miles…didn’t plan that just happened I guess 

Didn’t pay attention to pace or mile and used time on my feet as my guide this week.

Monday – Rest. Busy at work and there was no way that I was running with the shape that my calves were in. They were probably the most sore/stiff following a race that I have ever had.

Tuesday – 40 minutes. Little stiff. 4.3 miles…about 9:15 miles

Wednesday – Another 40 minutes with the dog. Just moving. Less sore. Little faster. 4.5 miles @ 8:54

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Cross country laps during work at Ben Davis. Another 40 minutes. Little faster again. 4.7 miles @ 8:35.

Saturday – In Crown Point for the weekend visiting my family so Lindsey and I ran together while my parents watched Marshall. I convinced Lindsey to do 60 minutes. We covered 5.2 miles. About 11 minute miles. Lindsey is committed to keeping moving for the rest of pregnancy but things are getting tough.

Sunday – Ran alone in Crown Point before anyone was awake. Another 60 minutes. 7.6 miles. 7:50 miles. Then we ate a bunch of doughnuts at my sister’s house. #blessed

I’ll probably do another week of time based running as I continue to recover. My guess is I’ll come in around 35-40 miles. I have the DINO Jackson County 50/50 coming up on Dec. 6th so I’ll start to work on that here in a week or so and try to get a couple longer trail runs in to at least attempt some course prep. Who signs up for a 50 mile trail race 5 weeks after racing marathon? Woof. I’m not overly concerned about the race at this point. I can complete it but I am a little worried about how hard it will be and if I’m mentally committed to the cause. Guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

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