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IMM Training Log – 9 Weeks Out

Sept 1 – Sept 7

81 Miles

7 run

2 workouts

Monday – Recovery run. 10 miles @ 8:40. Labor Day. Slept In. I’m all about taking it easy when it calls for taking it easy.

Tuesday – 8 miles about 7:40 pace. Month end close at work. Long day. Went into work early. Super easy run in the evening. I was home alone and out of coffee so I ran to the grocery store and back. I’m so green and efficient 🙂

Wednesday – Training plan switched thisngs this week with no mid week medium long run. That moved to Friday. This Wednesday was a speed session. Workout was 6 x 800M around 5K pace. Ran from the house up the track in Broad Ripple to meet Dan, Amy, and Ben who were doing 12 x 400.

Repeats felt good. I was a little un-happy with the pacing on the first couple. 200M jog in between as recovery.

2:48, 2:44, 2:40, 2:44, 2:43, 2:43. I had Dan rabbitting me on the 2:40 800…maybe I need that all the time? Overall 2:44 average was improvement from the last time I did this workout. I hit 2:47 consistently last time.

Between the workout, run to the track and the run home I had 12.7 miles for the day.

Thursday – Active recovery. 8.2 miles @ 8:36. Not much to say. Remember don’t be scared to run easy when you are supposed to run easy. The fitness doesn’t disappear.

Friday – Here is the medium long run for the work week. Steady general aerobic effort. 7:21 pace. I had the option to split this into two runs but I didn’t want to run Friday after work so I did it all in one run.

Saturday – Lindsey’s long run. My long runs usually fall on Sunday so that leaves Saturday free to run with Lindsey and I get to push the stroller as my schedule is easy/recovery on Saturday in advance of Sunday’s long run. 10.8 miles in 1:45 for Team Hein! Lindsey’s been able to handle running further distances this pregnancy compared to last. I think the number of runs is the same (~5x week) but the distance is up…don’t know what that means but I think she likes it.

I did have to run a 6:15 mile to catch her at one point on Saturday after a bathroom break so for those keeping home at score on the Strava it probably looked a little weird to the see the ‘Pregnant Girl’s Long Run’ drop to 6:15 out of nowhere. Haha.


And this is what post runs looks like around here. Whatever is being cooked- Marshall helps. These are fun times. If he’s getting irritable with a mile or so to go on the run just start talking to him about how he’s going to help make smoothies.

Sunday – My long run. Remember how I said last week I opted out of the workout in favor of trail running with Scott and Co? This is me moving it back into the schedule. Looking at the cycle, it wasn’t going to do any damage to flip the weekends.

I started nice and early on Sunday. A cold front blew through Saturday so it was pretty much perfect come Sunday morning. The workout was 16 miles with 10 @ tempo. Following the warm up it took me a while to get up to speed and feel comfortable with the effort. Workout splits below:

6:39, 6:24, 6:37, 6:04, 6:09, 6:05, 6:09, 6:10, 6:11, 6:13. See it took a while? Not the best workout. Felt blah. Heart rate was good so I wasn’t working too hard just not feeling it I guess.

Overall another solid 80ish mile week. I’ve been very happy with the volume this cycle. It has come up from last fall nicely. It’s been a slow progression over the years to handle more volume and it feels pretty good right now. Let’s hope it continues.

On Sunday, Lindsey had to work for a little bit so Marshall and I headed over to Steve’s for some football. He was a little embarrassed that the Bears got beat by the Bills, but what can you do. 


Bear Down.


This week, I’ll be running an un-tapered Hendricks County Half to see how things are progressing. It fits nicely into the training cycle. We’ll see how it goes. Rumor has it preggo is running it as well.


How is your training going?

Anyone else have a half coming up? 

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