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September Women’s Running Cover!!

I finally got my hands on a copy of the September issue of Women’s Running Magazine!! I know the girl on the cover. I was so excited to see how everything turned out. Caitlyn Pilkington wrote a really nice article that I felt proud to read and I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to talk with her and tell me story. I hope if nothing else it encourages someone who reads it to face their fears, whatever that may be.

Here is the cover of the magazine: 



And I’ve heard a rumor that Glenn even makes an appearance in the magazine. Oh boy. You’ll have to get a copy to see for yourself!

I also had the opportunity to talk to Larra on Fox 59 this AM about the magazine coming up!  Here is the CLIP!



I will be doing a meet and greet and signing at Barnes and Noble in Castleton on Tuesday, September 9th from 6pm-8pm. If you live in the area, come on out, so it’s not just me sitting by my lonesome…. 🙂 I heard there will be snacks.

Thank you EVERYONE who supported me in rallying votes. Big thanks to a few who really stepped up and supported me and promoted the crap out of the contest to their friends, families and networks- Hollie, ErickaShelby, Sarah, Nicole, LarraMeghan, Ashley, Erika Wells, All of my Aunts on my side & Glenn’s side of the family- EVERYONE in the Indianapolis community: Fox 59, 99.5, Indy Star, Carmel Road Racing GroupIndy Women’s Half Marathon, Team FilmBack on My Feet Indianapolis, BlueMile, John H. Boner Community CenterBusy Bee Headbands, ALL the ladies in my Training Program…. I know I’ve missed quite a few and I’m so sorry for that because I know a ton of you were tweeting and posting and sending along but THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted and promoted. I truly hope and believe someone who reads the article will face a fear they’ve been avoiding and do something about it after reading my story.

And of course thank you Women’s Running Magazine and Saucony for this opportunity!


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