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Brooks Transcends Review

When I was 16, I started wearing orthotics. I was on the cross country team and would get horrible blisters after long and/or hard runs. I was fitted for custom orthotics & hadn’t looked back since. I’ve gone through only 4-5 pairs- these suckers last a long time, and they are specifically molded to my foot.

Looking back- maybe my real problem was that I ran in cheerleading shorts and real tall socks?

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Back in February, plantar fasciitis started creeping up on me. It got worse as time went on- I didn’t realize how painful it could be. I continued to train for the Boston Marathon and decided I would rest it afterwards. (trip was already booked & paid for) My foot was on fire during that race and I knew I went too far. So, after Boston I took 6 weeks off from running to let it heal. I did a couple of trial runs in that 6 weeks that very quickly told me I wasn’t ready. I also went to a chiropractor for a few weeks to get some Active Release Therapy and just general recommendations about how to address the issue. He thought it was silly I was wearing orthotics, given how how my arches are. (Insanely high) I decided to give the naked, no orthotic run a try.

I don’t think the orthotic caused the plantar fasciitis, but I don’t think they were helping or hurting the issue. I had actually switched shoes back at that time from Saucony triumph to Asics GT-1000 and I think the type of Asics I was wearing weren’t right for my foot. I was also picking up miles again after taking my second round of 6 weeks off post surgery number 2, so who knows for sure what really caused it.

Around the time that I was able to start back up running again, I was given the opportunity by Finish Line to try out the Brooks Transcends. I’ve been running in these bad boys, pain free, orthotic free for 8 weeks now and they are hitting the spot. They feel light, durable and have plenty of cushion. They actually feel cushiony at the bottom, side and top of the shoe, while still giving the feeling of a nice tight fit, if that makes any sense. I have wide feet with a high arch and these shoes are working for what I’ve been given.

The transcends are also super cute, which isn’t a huge factor in my book with running shoes, but it definitely adds to their value of awesomeness. As for the plantar fasciitis- I’m hopeful it will stay away. I can definitely still feel the tightness in my foot, especially when I wake up in the AM. I try to be proactive with rolling the trigger point ball on my foot and calves, and also foam rolling and doing all the other fun, exciting basic strength stuff to make it stay away. If anything else, I’ll also be taking another 6 weeks off when this baby comes in January and that will be extra rest time for it.

And most importantly- Marshall digs them.


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