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City Lights 5 Miler

Last week my plantar fasciitis was feeling a little more flared up than it has been, so I consciously only ran three days and hopped on the bike and rower for a couple days.

We ran the City Lights 5 Miler downtown last Saturday. My first pregnant race this time around. We forgot our bibs in the car, so ran without chips. Clearly, we didn’t care one bit- we had gone to dinner at Pizzaology at 6:30 and the race was at 8:00, so we were running on full bellies. Glenn ran 20 miles with Ben in the AM, so just ran with me for fun at the race, totaling 26 miles for the day for him since we ran to the race from the car which was a mile away. Was a nice little recovery from his 20 that morning- we probably ran around 9:30 pace. My foot ended up feeling fine and this past week I’ve been able to run a lot more-I’ll update on that soon. I will say that it is so fun to run races care free and just for fun, but when I do, I’m also reminded of how good it feels to race hard and finish with that “I just kicked ass” feeling. When Glenn and I were running down that last straight away – it was a very slight downhill, but just enough that you know it would be an awesome last turn if you were racing it in. 2015- you will be my year!! 🙂

The race had a great atmosphere – with a fun after party on Georgia St.- Kilroy’s Breadsticks and beer. Win, win. There weren’t a ton of people who ran, but it’s the first year for there race, so hopefully they’ll be able to increase their numbers for next year- the race has potential to grow in coming years for sure!  OH and I need to mention I LOVED the shirts. My favorite race shirts are the soft jersey vintage shirts. I am ready for every race to do shirts like this- definitely over the cheap tech shirts that I never wear. I am in fact wearing my City Lights shirt right now as I type this- it is so yummy and soft. Very similar to the Fire Cracker 6 shirts. Still made at myself for not running that race this year. Mostly cause I want that soft shirt haha.

It was also fun to see a good handful of the ladies from my Indy Women’s Fall Training Program at the race getting it done. I think everyone had a good time! (We still have 12 weeks to go and YES you can still register to participate in it and join us!!)



How annoyed was Glenn that I was being one of those people and taking a picture like this while we ran….



And what do you know- Ashley (running BFF) took the win for the 5K- running 19:28.  Her first official 5K time- she’s ran a 3:18 marathon, but no official 5K time until now haha.


We headed home and had birthday desert. During the the run we talked about how we were glad we were running 6 miles after the Pizzaology because we were insanely full and wanted to make room for Heath Bar Desert Glenn’s mom brought for a little early birthday celebration for Glenn. Good stuff.

Hello 31:


And a little Good Morning Mama’s for breakfast: Italian fried biscuit for a breakfast appetizer is where its at.



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